Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And So, The Time Has Come . .

Early this morning, I brought four hungry little kittens to the Humane Society for their spay/neuter surgeries. They aren't allowed breakfast the day of the procedure, and it's always so diffiult to explain that to them. Poor babies. But off we went.

It was a busy day for the surgery staff. Lots of Cinderella Program cats today. It's a wonderful service that many grateful pet owners utilize. And being kitten season, there were lots of shelter kitties as well.

It's nice to have a day without kittens so I can tidy up, but it's even nicer when they're back home. I missed them. They were full of energy and hungry as bears! They'd only eaten a bit at the shelter, so I had some ravenous Peabodys once we got home. Some very serious running around to catch up on, and now they're zonked out for the night.

The kittens will be posted as available on the Humane Society website on Wednesday, and I expect they won't be here much longer. They are not spoken for as yet, so if you've been tempted or toying with the idea, now is the time to let us know! We'd love to have you meet them and fall in love.

So without further ado, a reminder of how cute they really are . .

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adults Only, Please

Ever the slave to pop culture, Rosie finds herself swept up in the recent pole dancing craze. As a concerned mother, I admit to having reservations about some of her choices, but I need to let her find her own way. Wherever that may lead.

I'm proud of you, honey.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Heart Iris

Being a bit of a shy girl, Iris has claimed her own perch by the window. The sun shines in and she's able to watch the birds in the back yard. She spends a good deal of time there, happy as can be.

The kittens don't really notice her up there until they're at the stage when they're running and climbing up anything they see. Which is now.

She's so sweet. She can still be a bit apprehensive toward people and the other big kitties, but she loves her some kittens.

Today was Darby's initiation. I could have posted a jillion more pictures of them. It was all I could do to limit myself to these few.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New and Different Perspective

Early on I posted a photo of Darby with his nose in a coffee mug to give you an idea of his size. He's gained about 6 ounces since then, so here we have him with my glasses for another perspective.

Do you notice the shifty look in his eyes? Well, there's a reason for that.

What is it with kittens and glasses?

I can't remember having a pair that didn't look like this.