Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Quickly They Grow Up

I thought that while the Mewes and Purcells are having their parts removed, we'd reminisce a bit.

Look familiar?

This photo was sent to me last week from Everett and Leon DuCharme's mama. She tells me they are doing great and are a huge part of their family. Excellent! Was it really that long ago they were this little?

Take a stroll down memory lane here and here, but most of all here where we were all in for quite a surprise!

They have been appropriately dubbed Duke and Duchess and live the life of royalty. As it should be.

Thanks for the photo, Kimmy! I love these kitties.


Monday, September 28, 2009

I've Been Keeping a Secret

Okay, five secrets.

Audrey Mewes.

Lorna Mewes.

Dennis Purcell.

Wally Purcell.

Roger Purcell.

All recovered from this or that and scheduled for surgery on Thursday!!

These were short-timers that needed a little tlc and time to gain weight. They're hale and hearty and will all be at the shelter with me on Saturday! (Unless of course someone claims them beforehand.)

I've been the luckiest foster mama ever these days. The dearest, snuggliest, friendliest kittens one could ask for. I don't expect to be bringing many back home with me Saturday evening.

Come see us! We'll be there when the shelter opens at 9:00.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Color Me Tickled Pink!

When I suggested in Friday's post that it might take Gilbert's new family two minutes to fall in love, I was (as many commenters correctly suggested) grossly mistaken. I think they knew he was their kitten as soon as they laid eyes on him. I could see the love on their faces. And this after having been looking for some time, both in Seattle and on a trip to Portland. What a proud mama I was!

I had set Gilbert up in his own little condo in the cattery hallway, and as luck would have it there was the cutest little single girl in the condo next door. Slightly younger and equally fabulous, a dilute tortie/calico-y beauty. Her siblings had been adopted the day before, so she was by herself as well.

As I'm sure you have guessed, the two are now siblings living with the nicest couple you'd ever want to meet. I knew right away that they were perfect kitten people and my feeling was confirmed later that day when I received a charming email from the new papa telling me they had spent the day loving their kittens, were completely in love with them, and had already taken over 100 photos. People after my own heart.

Gilbert's new sister was christened Zoey, and they took to each other right away. It sounds like these are two very lucky kittens and two very lucky humans. They've promised the occasional update, which I'm so looking forward to!

And fortunately for us, they are also quite talented with the camera. I am so pleased to share these pictures with you of Gilbert and Zoey in their new home. I can't seem to stop smiling..

Thank you Jake and Miriam for holding out for these two wonderlings. I think I can almost hear the purring from here.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wish Us Luck, Please!

Gilbert's accompanying me to the shelter tomorrow while I spend some volunteer time. He has some nice people coming down from Seattle to meet him, so he's all shined up and hoping to make a good impression. (As if he could otherwise.)

Tonight may be the last time this perfect little specimen sleeps under my covers. I love him so and look forward to his new family learning to love him the same. I figure it'll take a couple of minutes, max.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Brief History of Iris

It was just this week that I officially adopted my beautiful girl. While I had long considered her mine, officially I had been fostering her since February of last year.

She had been adopted from the Humane Society and returned three weeks later because she was SO shy. She hadn't come out from under the bed at all while her previous family had her.

I happened to be passing through the receiving area while she was being returned. I was struck by how pretty she was and could clearly see that she was terrified. I offered to foster her for a while in hopes that she would eventually relax. Poor thing.

When we got home and into the kitty room, she immediately compressed herself into the very small space below the bottom drawer of the buffet. I have no idea how she managed it. So I removed the last drawer and made a bed there for her. Rosie sometimes paid her a visit, or checked to see if she had anything good to eat.

I don't remember how long this lasted, but when she finally ventured out she found this hidey hole where she stayed for two months, coming out only to use the litter box. I fed her in there also.

She eventually shared the room with foster babies who kept her company in her little safe spot.

The first time she came out of the room to eat or get a drink in the kitchen I snapped what pictures I could. The quality isn't great, but that wasn't the point for me. I wanted to document these occasions so I could look back and remember.

After several months, she discovered this perch in the tv room which she claimed as her own and remains her favoite spot. She's still kind of a nervous girl, but she comes to me for petting if I'm sitting down (I can't approach her standing up), but she lives a very comfortable and contented life.

I had no idea she'd end up being my girl forever that day I brought her home. But I'm so glad she is.
If you haven't met her before now, please scroll down to 'labels' on the right hand side and click on her name to see some previous posts. I just love this precious, special girl.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Soft Pink Memory. .

The only thing that can make a round, naked belly any cuter is a hot pink necklace with a swinging gold medallion.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Things are Not Negotiable

Gilbert and I had a little sit-down this weekend to go over what each of us feels would be important features in his new home.

While we didn't agree on every point (I felt a comprehensive health care plan - including dental - would be desirable; he wanted a clause requiring he be the center of attention), we did manage to come up with what we both feel are deal breakers. Non-negotiable.

  • He simply must have a young kitty sibling on whom to pounce when the mood strikes. This is something he's put a lot of time into practicing, and we'd both hate for all that to have been for naught.
  • His new family must be willing to submit to frequent sessions of kitty kissing. Yes, even on the lips. Again, we've been working on this for weeks now and he's really developed a knack for it.
  • When he jumps up on the bed, you must instantly lift up the covers so he can burrow past you way down to the foot of the bed for the night. You won't even know he's there. Well, unless he wakes up at some point and decides to nibble on your legs. But that almost never happens. Almost.
  • And finally, he really would like to be the center of attention at least part of the time. Frankly, I can't imagine that would be a problem.

So we'll wait for the perfect family to come calling. We're in no particular hurry. But we're both very much looking forward to meeting them.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Please Spread the Word!

For anyone in the Baltimore area, there are two adorable Norwegian Forest cats that need a home together. See their story here, and please pass it along. Together we do great things.

Thank you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

And So We Bid Farewell

I honestly don't know who is luckier - these two girls or the wonderful couple that is adopting them. It's a very tough call. Polly Wolly (aka Mrs. Doodle) and the lovely Brenda Patterson are leaving us this evening. Moving to Puyallup to be spoiled perhaps even more than they've already been. If that's possible.

So we say goodbye with hugs and kisses, and hope that you'll let us know how you're doing now and then. I'd love to see those gorgeous faces as they grow into beautful ladies.

It's never easy, but it sure feels good.

Bye honeys. Love you. xoxoxo

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Itchy Palm = Good Luck

This thing itches like a bugger! It's got to mean I have some particularly excellent luck in my future. What's the timeline on these things, anyway? I hope the wait isn't too long . .