Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mea Culpa

I knew I'd been falling behind in my kitten updates - life and stuff has been happening - but I didn't realize just how lax I'd been until reading the comments on some recent posts. My heavens.

Let's get down to it:

Dear Marvin was adopted by a dear couple, Vic and Lisa, who are friends of Jessica, Lilo (Molly) and Lucy's mom.

They thought they just wanted one. A youngster to brighten the life of their sweet older kitty Jake who had recently lost a companion.

Turns out they also wanted Rhoda. (Now Amiri.) They just didn't know it until she claimed her spot on Vic's chest they day they visited.

I did manage to tell you about Sheila and her twin girls. So darling.

And then, lo and behold, I was paged at work today when a super nice woman came in who had seen Darryl on Petfinder and thought he might be her new kitten. She hadn't even seen the blog and wanted to know how to go about meeting him.

Of course, being the true kitty person that she is (all of her kitties have been rescues), she didn't want to adopt a single kitten. They do need companions, you know. I know!

So homeward I dashed - she was content to wait - woke the babies up from their naps, and whisked them off to the shelter for a meet and greet. They won her over before they were out of the crate.

It happened so fast I hardly had time to process it! But she was perfect and well worth the wait. As I knew she would be. Once again, things worked out exactly the way they were supposed to.

I made it very clear to her that I always worry just a wee little bit until I hear that all is well. She promised. I'll be hearing from her.

Speaking of Molly and Lucy's mom, she has sent the most beautiful photos of her girls. Please admire their before and afters:



These two are so loved, I think it clearly shows in these portraits.

And so this leaves me with Pat and Midge.

Oh, and another little one I brought home today. You'll meet her very soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. And for making it to the end of this post.


  1. Sue:

    you are AWESOME in every way!

    Diane M.

  2. Wow! That is so nice, Diane. Thank you dearly.

  3. Yay! So many happy adoption stories! And I love those photos of Molly and Lucy. Such gorgeous girls.

  4. Yay indeed! Happy endings all around! I'm so happy for all the tiny ones and their new families. And I can't wait to meet the little newbie!

    Thanks for the wonderful update, Sue - and thanks to Jessica for the new photos. Lucy and Molly look so beautiful and happy!

  5. Wow, Lucy is growing up into a beautiful and dare I say elegant looking young lady. Is that little troublemaker still in that beautiful girl? And Lilo/Molly... Oh my goodness. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  6. I always love seeing them grown up looking all happy and loved!!!

  7. Wonderful news all around!

  8. What a terrific, good news post! We wish all the kitties long and happy lives in their forever homes!

  9. Sue, you make me so HAPPY!!!!!!

  10. All good stories are long but have Happy Endings! THe babies are loved and that is all that counts. Oh and PICTURES and UPDATES. Miss Lucy is quite the beautiful girl.

  11. HOORAY for darryl and tulip!!!! :D

    so glad to hear the whole litter has found amazing homes!

    now, more pics of midge and pat and newbie????? yes? yes?

  12. I'm glad all the kitties are finding their homes, especially Darryl and Tulip. Your photos are wonderful.

  13. @Marlene - Oh yes, the troublemaker is still there. Look closely at the picture and you'll see it. :-) --Jessica

  14. Congrats kitties on your new forever homes! I agree...more pics on Pat and Midge, purrty-please.

  15. Happy updates are awesome!
    Thanks for the grown-up photos :)

    Hooray for forever homes.

  16. Wow, you don't usually see girl kitties as orange as Lucy turned out. It's nice to see her again.

  17. So happy for all the kittens! It sounds like they've all gone to wonderful homes, and its great that some of them get to stay together for life.

    I can't believe how grown up Lucy looks already, though! She's starting to look like an elegant ladycat, but I can see the wild child in her eyes still.

  18. I'm happy for Rhoda, but I'm jealous too. I fell in love with her all-gray self. :) Have the new owners sent any update pictures of her? I'd never seen an all-gray cat until her.