Sunday, January 31, 2010

No, Not Oopsie Daisy

Oopsie Myron.

And Mari, you get a gold star! He was indeed a singleton. All by his lonesome at the shelter. Something I can't bear to see. About six weeks old, needing some TLC.

So the girls have graduated to the kitten room, while Myron takes up residence in the loo.

I've been very fortunate for a long time. These little beings don't come with any guarantees. There were actually a few that I lost before I started blogging. I know you can imagine (and some of you know) how difficult that is, but I've learned that sometimes they just aren't meant for this world. They're meant to be angels.

That said, I will tell you that I have high hopes that Myron will be a happy, healthy little brother to the Huggins girls very soon. But in the meantime, he's lost some weight since arriving at the shelter, and isn't eating on his own. So he gets lots of 'magic potion' with a syringe, and sub-q fluids as needed.

He was separated from his mama too early - turned in as a stray - and his world has since changed dramatically. He'll need lots of attention for a while, so please send us your good thoughts. He's sweet as cherry pie and has a squeal that tells me the boy is strong!

Between the two of us, there's no shortage of determination. I am honored to welcome Myron Huggins to the family!

Now I simply must go kiss him.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"A Little Oven"

Do you know this book? I think you'll see why I thought of it..

Sadie Huggins and her Auntie wish you a cozy, peaceful weekend.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ladieees and Gents!

The amazing, outstandingly, breathtakingly stunning Huggins sisters have taken up residence in the powder room!

Quick! Let's have a look-see.


..and Sadie.

Ah, yes. What lovely ladies they are. We are most delighted to have the pleasure of their company for the next little while.
Welcome Misses Huggins. Let the hugging commence!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Would You Be Mine? Could You Be Mine?

Won't you be my neighbors?

Ramon and Miss Betty (that's right, Miss Betty) have succeeded in charming the bejeebers out of my neighbors, Michelle and Jeff.

Miss Betty's 'tortitude' is developing quite nicely thank you, much to the delight of her mama, and Ramon amuses himself by hitching a ride on papa's shoulders as they cruise about the house.

Sigh... Ain't it great?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here's a Pretty Girl!

Remember?? It's Bridget Peabody! Back in the day.

She's growing into quite a lovely young lady. Let's see for ourselves, shall we? Mama Colleen sent us this update, and I'm so grateful that she did.

Hi Sue,

Gads, time flies! It seems like just a short time ago that we brought Bridget home to Bellingham. I thought you might enjoy an update and a few photos.

First, although we truly liked the name Bridget, Rachel was having a hard time with the "dg" sound, so a few days after she became a part of our family we renamed her Autumn. She reminded us of a little spotted fawn, but I just couldn't burden her with a goofy name like Bambi. lol It took her about a week to get used to her new name, but once she figured out what it was, her little ears perked up every time she heard us say it.

I got her enrolled right away in the kitten wellness plan through Banfield Hospital here in Bellingham and she's right on schedule for her checkups, immunizations, deworming, etc. According to the vet, she is in excellent health, sociable, smart, and quite the character, underscore that last bit. I got a chuckle when I read the comments section on her comprehensive exam report. It said, "Autumn did very well today and was a pleasure to work with."

I cannot believe how much she grew between 16 and 20 weeks! She slept a lot during that time. Rachel would say, "I wish Autumn would wake up so I can play with her, but I know she's busy growing." Speaking of Rachel, she was a tremendous help with Autumn during her first 2 months here. Let's face it, to a kitten everything is an extreme sport, and Autumn definitely needed supervision when I was working. After one particularly tiring day of keeping Autumn out of mischief, Rachel knocked on my office door and said, "Mom, I'm going to my room. I need a kitten break." lol

Autumn plays hide and seek with Frank and loves to go for rides on the carpet in the laundry basket. She thinks it's great fun to bat her toys under the kitchen appliances and furniture so that we have to retrieve them for her. We're happy she's past the thrill of reaching under closed doors with her paw to play with those springy door stops.

She got a "big kitten" cat tree for Christmas this year, which we decided to give her early to lessen her curiosity about the Christmas tree. I hung a couple of shatterproof ornaments and some ribbon on it for her. She treats the ornaments like tetherballs. When she's playing with them, you have to give the tree an extra foot of clearance or you get hit when you go by. lol

She is an absolute joy. We couldn't love or appreciate her more, and feel so grateful that you gave her such a good start. It makes such a difference!

About the photos...when we first brought her to Bellingham, she used to climb onto a pile of gloves I had in a wooden box on a table by the front door and fall asleep. It didn't look very comfortable, so I removed the gloves and made it into a little bed for her. It didn't take her long to outgrow it, but she took lots of nice, long naps on the special blanket you sent with her. The story behind the photo of her reclining Sphinx-like on the step ladder is that whenever I get the ladder out, she races over to claim her spot. If I put her down, she hops right back on. It's one of her favorite games with me. I took the photo of her atop her new cat tree at about 6 a.m. this morning. She wasn't very awake yet, but she loves it up there!

Happy Holidays!


Thank you Colleen, Rachel and Frank for loving this girl so much and filling us in on her joyful life. She's very fortunate to have found you all. My heart is happy.


Misty's $1,000 goal has been met! (See previous post.) Such a generous, thoughtful community we have.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please Help if You Can

I know we all have so many important things requiring our help and resources these days. Misty would so appreciate your considering a donation in any amount to help her live the life she deserves.

Clilck here to learn her story. And thank you so much.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood

Talk about the perfect ending. My little munchkins will be living out their happy lives right here in my 'hood! Yup! Reuben and Cookie have been adopted by the nicest couple you could ever want to meet. And they live right next door! How lucky am I?? Almost as lucky as these babies.

The new parents have lost a dear elderly kitty and two beloved whippets in the fairly recent past, and found themselves critter-less. This, of course, is not an option and fortunately for us all, the perfect solution was just outside their door and a few steps to the right.

Reuben shall henceforth be answering to the name Ramon. One of the sweet whippets had the name Reuben, so Ramon it is! And you know, it fits him perfectly!

Cookie has been given the name Betty, but between you and me (shhh!!) I keep hearing her mama call her Cookie, so I think it might stick. Either way, it doesn't matter. She and her brother have wasted no time wiggling their way into the hearts of their parents. Oh, if only you could see the kitty room in their new house! They will want for nothing.

I have very kindly been given unlimited visitation priveleges, and will certainly pay a call now and then, but it's important that they belong to their new family now and that I detach a bit from them. Fortunately, they've had several play dates in recent weeks, so the adjustment will be minimal.

When they left today on their very short journey home, I had goosebumps of joy!

High five, Betty/Cookie! I'll be seeing you around! Hooray!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010