Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She's Come Unhinged

Remember this? Well, a mousie on a string is NOT solely for the amusement of kittens confined to the bathroom. No sirree you betcha.

Sadie's a cuckoo bird.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Helen's Preferred Pose for Repose

She even sleeps upside down under the covers with me. It's really quite adorable.

Aww. . .

When Myron had to go back into quarantine with a towel shoved under the door, the girls couldn't figure out why. So they set up camp on the other side.

We'll just wait right here for you, Myron.

A Wee Follow-Up on Mr. Myron

I got a call from Myron's new foster mom the day after he arrived. She was so nice and remarked on what a good, social boy he is. He took no time at all in making himself right at home, and everything was going very well.

Monica was quick to inform me that there's something very good going on in her home. Of the 14 FeLV positive kitties she has taken in, every single one has eventually tested negative! Isn't that incredible?!

Now, I'm not naive enough to believe that there are any promises for our boy, but it certainly is encouraging and wonderful things do happen! She will have him tested again in a month or so and go from there. If he does indeed test negative, Myron will be available for adoption through Purrfect Pals. If not, Monica tells me that she's compiling a list of folks interested in having a single kitty. She is confident that she'll be able to place him with an adopter.

She has promised photos as well, and I can't wait!!

Life tastes pretty darn good, doesn't it punkin'?

Monday, February 22, 2010

This One's for You, Cynthia

Ah, yes. It's Sadie.

She's been called Chicken Neck (by me) . .

Spare Parts Kitty (again, me) . .

and The One With the Big Head (by one who shall remain nameless).

All of her nicknames are fitting and apt, and all are given with love. Really.

While I can't bring myself to use the title of a well-known children's story in relation to her, she is indeed growing into a beautiful swan. With the best belly markings ever . .

And the face of an angel.

She and her sister have not yet been spoken for, but should you be interested there's something very important you need to know about Sadie.

When she's good and ready (and she'll let you know), you must sit down in a somewhat slouched position. (Fully prone, even better.) Next, cross your arms across your chest - no, not there, higher up. Your discomfort is of no consequence here. Sadie will make a comfy little nest atop your forearms and tucked under your chin. This will make her oh-so-happy, and she will remain there purring softly indefinitely. You must not get up or (heaven forbid) uncross your arms.

Any potential adopter should practice this position for hours at a time to be in tip-top shape. It's non-negotiable.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Myron Finds the Purrfect Home

There's a reason I haven't been posting the last several days. It's a little sad, but not to worry. The outcome is simply the best I could have hoped for.

Little Myron tested positive for FeLV. (Feline leukemia) The test was run twice and showed a strong positive both times. He was immediately quarantined from the girls, and Traci and I got to work finding him a rescue. Our shelter is open admission and simply does not have the space or resources to house these kitties.

I had the thought that perhaps I could put the word out in blogland that he'd make a great single kitty or companion to another who is already infected. This was discussed while we sent emails and left voice messages to rescue after rescue. Although the shelter does not adopt these kitties out, we may have been able to fenagle something if there was an adopter willing to take him.

I knew that Purrfect Pals located about an hour and a half north of here has an area in their facility specifically for leukemia kitties. I'd seen their website and was so impressed with their work. Please check it out here. They were the first contact I made, and while waiting to hear back, every subsequent rescue I spoke with suggested I try them. They are apparently the only one in the area equipped to take leukemia kitties. See a bit about their Leukemia Land here.

Cut to the chase. Purrfect Pals is perfect indeed. They agreed to take my Myron, and yesterday was road trip day. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, and my emotions ran the gamut.

The staff that I met left no doubt that this is where he was meant to be. He was immediately whisked off to his new home just down the road with foster mom Monica who takes only FeLV kitties. He'll have the run of the house with her own well-vaccinated cats and young son who adores the kitties. In fact, I needn't have worried that Myron's insistence on suckling my neck might be an issue. Apparently the little boy once had a rather puffy lip from letting a kitty nurse on it. Sweet!

Myron will be re-tested in a couple of months. If he tests negative, he'll be put up for adoption. This sometimes happens when there's a false positive from the mama cat's antibodies. Honestly, it's not likely to happen with Myron as both his tests were strong positive, but miracles do happen!

If the test is positive, he may stay at the foster home indefinitely, or be returned to Purrfect Pals to live out his life with the 15 or so other "leuki cats" lucky enough to reside there. There is a vet on staff to care for them. They are not allowed to suffer.

I checked the wish list on their website and brought donations with me, both physical and monetary. While I know we all have limited resources, if you can find a way to make a donation of any size to Purrfect Pals or an FeLV rescue in your area, it is clearly a specialized field that needs our help.

Although I'm sad that Myron will likely not have a very long life, that's been the only down side to this whole experience. It's really no different that if he'd been adopted the usual way. He's living in a home with love and someone with experience to recognize his needs.

I've said it before. Laurie and I often marvel at how things always work out for our little charges. The universe is good to us and we are so grateful.

And so, some reminders of just how cute is dear little Myron. It's a mish mash of shots ~ I hadn't been able to get many while he was out and about.

Blessings on you little man!

He looks like a little bear, doesn't he?

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Crossword Puzzle?!

Why, sure! I'll give you a hand. I love crossword puzzles!

There ya go. I generally prefer a bit more of a challenge - say the NY Times Sunday version. This one's a bit of a snoozer.