Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Franny's Family

Okay, now I don't want you to be sad. Honestly. But I do want to show you some incredibly beautiful boys.

I just looked back on all the posts that that include my Franny and realize that I haven't told you much about her. She was the only survivor in a litter of four tiny babies, and after the heartbreak of losing her siblings, I just couldn't part with her.

It's been three years now, and as difficult as it always is, I've learned to accept that some kittens are just too frail to survive and prolonging their little lives is not in their best interest. Such was the case with these marvelous little beings.

I'd like for you to see how glorious her siblings were. They boys were so unusual. I haven't seen kittens like them before or since. They were stunning, those little dudes. I know you'll agree.

The first two photos are of one brother, the next two of the other, and then two of them together. Frances also had a beautiful tortie sister whose photo follows those of the boys, and that's Franny herself in the final shot.

Does anyone have any idea what the lads might have grown up to look like? I know that sometimes kittens' coloring changes dramatically as they mature. Maybe you've seen kitties like this before . . ?

Again, I hope this doesn't make you sad. Things happened the way they were supposed to for this little family. I loved them for the short time they stayed with me. I love them still.

Photo credit goes to my sister, Jean.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Okay Sally McNally Wigglebutt, Show Us What You've Got

Ready . . (Can you see the wee bit of paw?)

Set . . (This takes some serious wigglebutt concentration.)

GO ! ! !

Seriously, the straight-up-tail business is killing me.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bye Bye Beberlee

Yes, she left me on Saturday. The female contingent of her new family met us at the shelter first thing in the morning. Mom, dad, son and daughter are animal loving folks - dogs, cats, rats, you get the idea. While they dearly loved their last three kitties, none were lap cats or particularly cuddlesome. They really wanted the next one to be a purr-er and a snuggler.

Lucky for us, the neighbor follows the blog and told Mom about our Beverly. She contacted me and after some back-and-forth we agreed to meet on Saturday.

Well, who wouldn't fall in love with her? I mean really. After spending some time alone with her, it was decided that she was the one. The timing is perfect as it's spring break for the kids so Beverly - henceforth to be known as Luna - will have lots of time to adapt to her new home and her new family, which by the way comes fully equipped with a sweet golden retriever! (Hear that Cynthia?!) Daughter Katie seemed very pleased and I know that Luna has a loving home.

Sally and I miss her, but dear Rosemary has begun to fill the role of playmate for the little one. I knew she would.

And so, a potpourri of pictures of our tortie girl. Be happy, sweetness!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.. John Keats

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Put 'Em Up, Put 'Em Up !

Go ahead and have a seat. There's a bunch of these.

That little Dickens is tough all right. But not quite this tough.