Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Long My Honey, So Long

Honey leaves me tomorrow.

Oh how I'll miss her fur soft as air; how her cheeks squinch up when she meows, barely making a sound; her endearing timidity; her refusal to grow up with her brothers; and mostly finding her already under the covers when I go to bed.

She joins her brother Max not as Honey, but as Susie Q! I admit, I rather like that.


Be happy and healthy for eons to come, sweetie. You have a piece of my heart.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Omar and Robert ~ Dreamboats

This little sampling was taken just before the Gillespies had their vaccines and started down the road to puny-land. Omar and Bonnie are nearly back to fighting form; Robert is spending a couple of days with the shelter vet so she can coax him back in the right direction.

I visited him twice today and things are already looking up! After a nice meal he took a good, long nap on my chest. I very nearly took one with him.

I'll spend some time there again tomorrow and maybe even spring him. I'm quite sure his homecoming will be no later than Friday.

So, in the meantime..


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where Have All the Gillespies Gone?

I suppose you've been saying to yourself, "Hmm.. Why no posts of the Gillespies?" Well, it seems that when they received their initial vaccines a while back, it caused a reaction that made them feel puny. They lost some weight and weren't particularly interested in eating, so the focus has been on getting them back into tip top shape.

They're coming around nicely, but have asked that I not photograph them during their convalescence. They're afraid you might be unduly concerned, and we don't want that. In fact as I sit here, Omar is batting around a little rattly toy. He's doing much better, thank you.

And so we patiently await their triumphant return to blogland. We gaze out the windows, we amuse ourselves at each others' expense and then kiss and make up.

Oh, one other thing. Honey is having her parts removed today and will be joining her brother Max very soon!

Friday, May 21, 2010


The Berkeley East Bay Humane Society shelter in California has suffered a terrible fire. Among the losses were their entire cat sheltering facility and 15 of their beautiful, adoptable cats.

Find their website here to support them in any way you can. And please help to spread the word.

Thank you.

Happy Friday!!

It's the former Peter and Willis! Gad zooks!!


Thanks Bev and Michael! I love it!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Very Good Things Come in Threes

Good Thing #1

Perfect little Kuvo has settled nicely into his new home where he not only has two adults, but also two girls, 7 and 17, and two Yorkies! Here's a report from his new mom:

He is doing great! We absolutely adore him. Haven't figured out a name yet, throwing a few around to see which one we like the best. Right now it looks like Titan might be the winner!

Thanks again, he's a great addition to the family!

Good Thing #2

Peter and Willis will be brothers for life! They have the nicest new mom and dad we could have hoped for. (See how happy they were when they got the news?) Henceforth to be known as Petey and Wilson, here's what their mom has to say on their first day:

Wilson adapted a little better early on than Petey, although they were both laying with me snoozing on the couch this evening. They're climbing all over everything so they should know their way around everything by morning.

I'll send pictures. Thanks so much.

Good Thing #3a

Sweet, timid Marshall. His new people came to meet him knowing full well that he was a shy boy and happy to take the time to work with him. I was so grateful. Lots of people want intrepid little munchkins, but Marshall needed some patience and coaxing.

The visit took place at the shelter, and I watched through the door window as they interacted. They'd reach out, he'd shy back. They'd reach out again.

It wasn't long before they were petting and holding him, and he began to play with the toys we'd provided.

They loved him, brought him home for introductions to his kitty sisters Gracie and Sugar, and christened him Max.

Max has adjusted to his new home! He gave me a head but this morning in bed. How he loves laying on my hubby's chest to take his naps. He is such a sweet little guy! Gracie is now playing with Max.

And later..

I didn't have my camera home with me this morning & missed the cutest picture. Gracie and Max were cuddled up like a mother and her kitten. Gracie started cleaning his eyes, face and head and then he started licking her face. It was soo cute!

They are in full time play now. He chases her and she chases him and then they wrestle around. Gracie is gentle with him. She is such a sweet cat!

Good Thing 3b

Max's parents want Honey, too!!

And she was even more timid than her brother! Are these the best people or what?!

That was about a week ago and she wasn't yet big enough for surgery. She has since gained weight and lost much of her shyness. Sometimes when kittens are too focused on each other, it's actually a good thing to separate them so they're forced to interact with their peeps.

So Honey is still with me, following me around the house, sleeping under the covers and on my pillow. The plan is to have her spayed next week then send her home to meet her new sisters and get reacquainted with Max. It'll be interesting to know whether they remember each other.

And so I'm left with the Gillespies for a few weeks yet, and Miss Honey for just a little while longer.

Which reminds me, there's some good news on the Gillespie front as well..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Intermission Entertainment

Please disregard the audio and instead marvel at the beauty that is Honey and Min.

video video

Please Stand By

Iris asks that you please bear with us while we take a brief interlude. We'll be back in a day or two.

She'd also like you to guess which is her favorite cubby hole.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

And So I Give You, The Gillespies

It was just over a week ago. It was late in the day. They were only three weeks old and needed somewhere to go. You'd have done the same thing. Wouldn't you??

Robert "Bobby G." Gillespie

Omar "The Magnificent" Gillespie

Bonnie "Bonnie" Gillespie

Robert and Omar are in the hands of wonderful Sarah, while Bonnie is loved by my dear friend, Lisa.

Photo credit for The Magnificent goes to Laurie.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Day!

My mother on her mother's lap.

Being a bit of a non-conformist (I never said I was a maverick), the calendar days of note sometimes slip by me. Please forgive if I fail to acknowledge a favorite.

For those who are mothers and celebrate this day, I wish you the love and acknowledgement you deserve every day.

For everyone else I wish the same.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marshall Marshall Man!

Sure, he's pretty with a little beauty mark on the right side of his nose. And sure he's had his boy bits removed. But if you think for a minute that makes him less of a man, well you can think again.

Now let's all help him bounce back with gusto from his surgery today with a rousing rendition of his very own theme song. Don't be shy. I sing it to him all the time. You know you know it.

Ready... Marshall Man!!

Mucho macho.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good Morning, Peter! What's Got Your Attention?

The kitties do love the director-style chairs in the kitchen. There are usually pillows on them..