Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oooh! It's a Scandal!

I am so in love with Randall.

Sure, he's a little shy..

But he starts to warm up right away.

You must imagine that he's been purring all this time, because he has.

I think Rosie has helped him to relax.

Randall came to the shelter with his siblings who were much bigger than him. They've all been adopted but this little beauty needs some coaxing to eat enough for a growing boy.

Happy to oblige, Mr. Downey.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank You, You're Wonderful, Thank You

I'm so appreciative of your nice comments on the last post. It relieves me to know that you'll be out there regardless of how often I'm over here. (Trust me, after this week back at work I'm barely here at all.)

I thought I'd share the two little shots I got of my recent one night stand - Trooper. A tiny singleton who spent the night with me before heading off to NOAH the following day.

A little trooper, indeed.

He's in foster care as we speak, and destined for a full and happy life.

Each one is a starfish.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Robert: An Artist's Rendering

When the Gillespies were a mere 5 weeks old, we all had the most pleasurable pleasure of meeting Brook and her two genuinely beautiful and sweet daughters. They had been referred to us by a friend of my neighbors Jeff and Michelle who adopted Reuben and Cookie (now Ramon and Betty) a little while back.

Along with dad Mike, they had been looking for a pair of kittens for a while and were patient enough to wait until they knew it was right.

Well, was it ever right. I believe there had been only two blog posts about the kittens prior to their meeting the family, and the girls called each kitten by name as they ventured out of the crate! Even Robert and Bonnie who look very much alike.

The babies were too young for adoption yet, the family would keep in touch, but I think we all had a good feeling. In fact, it wasn't long after that I received this "Self Portrait With Bobby G." I think you can safely assume the rest.

You and I both know that there's nothing sweeter than a child's drawing. This just slayed me.

Long story short, the family decided on the gray-bies, Robert and Bonnie (now Lyla), and were willing to wait not only the minimum of three weeks that the kittens would require, but as it turned out an additional 3 weeks or so while they battled their vaccine reactions.

They knew it was right. So did I.

I hope to have a few more updates from this amazing family. Mom is even considering fostering sometime in the future. I love that.
If you're wondering about Omar, well he's found his family as well. I'll fill you in a bit later on - hopefully by then I'll have an update to share . . (Subtle, no?)
I'll also be posting less frequently for a while. I'll still be fostering, but it seems that after four years of retirement I find myself working part time at the shelter now and it's busy! My intention is to take a week or so off before bringing newbies home. (If I can hold out that long.) It'll give me a little respite and time to adapt to this workaday life.
I hope you continue to check in with us now and then. We'd miss you terribly if you left for good.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Youngin's Off to NOAH

As promised yesterday, the kittens in the following photos are just a few of the many underage kittens from our shelter for whom NOAH has provided foster care and loving, permanent homes.

Some of you expressed hope that the adult cats featured in the previous post find their forever homes soon. I can assure you that most - if not all - have already done so. Yup! Even Big Mama (who was not pregnant by the way) has been adopted!

She had the run of the place to work off some of that waistline, and had already lost a few pounds when her new person found her and promised to keep her on a diet. Did you notice that she doesn't have a tail? She's as sweet as a 7-layer cake.

Now on to the beebees. That's Lanie in the first few pix. She's the foster honcho at NOAH and is as nice as she looks.

So take a gander at these faces! I'm sure you can see why this particular aspect of volunteering is so dear to my heart.

Foster, foster, foster! These are examples of who you'll be saving! They deserve life.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh, Lucky Me!

As a Humane Society volunteer - this is separate from fostering - one of my fave things to do is deliver cats and kittens to rescues.

We're an open admission shelter and as such are way too often overwhelmed by the number of kitties surrendered to us - particularly this time of year. Fortunately, we have some wonderful organizations in our area who are happy to take some of the overflow when space allows.

One in particular has been a godsend for us. Since late last year, NOAH has regularly been accepting both adult cats and kittens from our shelter and others in the vicinity. I know the number from us alone is over 200. They have a beautiful facility, an amazing staff and are doing great things for shelters that simply can't house all the incoming cats. They also have a number of off-site adoption venues, so are able to find homes for the kitties rather quickly.

There are other volunteers doing these runs as well, but I've been able to do quite a few and always jump at the chance when I can. Most recently, today.

I try to get pictures of the kitties once they're in their new temporary home. Today I'll share a few of the beautiful adult cats that have been saved thanks to our partnership with NOAH. I'll post some kitten pix another day. Perhaps tomorrow!

Talk to the Feet, Robert

It's today's theme.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Look how big the kitties are now!

Thanks so much for waiting for us. We're very happy to be back.