Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lovely. Just Lovely.

Wanda's coloring is really quite striking.

Unusual smokey stripes, the darker patches at her mouth, and see the long white hairs sprinkled about on her legs?

And those blue eyes. She's old enough now that they might just stay that way. Lovely.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

C'mon, Ruthie. Everyone Wants to Meet You.

It's okay that you have food on your face. They know you're a bee-bee kitty and crusties happen.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kisses Goodbye, Kisses Hello

My first contact with Pinky's new mama was sometime last year. She and her friend Karen have a small jewelry making business called Napping Cat Productions and they were asking permission to use this photo on their business card.

I was happy to say yes and when they broached the subject of remuneration, I suggested a monetary donation to the shelter food bank. They were more than generous.

Look what she brought for me!

Fast forward to Pinky's debut on IBKC. Mindy knew he was hers. She followed him here and contacted me right away.

She and husband Phil had recently said goodbye to a much loved cat. They were down to just two - William and Cisco - and the "kitty shui" just wasn't right in their home. It was time to add another and regain that perfect balance.

We knew about Pinky's overbite, we knew there might be issues down the line, and we knew it would all work out. Despite the fact that they hadn't even met the boy, I don't think any of us doubted where he belonged.

And so everything fell into place. There were some very kind people pulling strings for Mr. Pink and the bulk - if not all - of his potential dental expenses are covered. Some of you amazing folks also offered to help - you know who you are - but we were fortunate enough to be able to make this happen without accepting your offers. I'm always so touched by the generosity of the animal-loving world. Thank you from my heart.

The icing on the cake was when I learned that the veterinary dentist that I suggested they see has moved her practice from about an hour south of here to about an hour north - roughly 10 minutes from Phil and Mindy's home. Synchronicity.

I had promised Mindy and Phil I'd have Pinky all shined up for the big day. Rosie made sure I held to it.

Adoption day came, Pinkster was decked out in his handsome blue collar, and we waited at the shelter for his new peeps to arrive. They were in love and hadn't even met the little goober!

I had told Mindy what a snuggler he is, and she said she really hoped he'd snuggle with Phil. William and Cisco seem to prefer her at cuddle time and it would be so nice for Phil to have one of "his own".

Not to worry. Pinky scrambled right up to his shoulder, around the back and settled into his hood. "Isn't he adorable?" I said. Phil - "Well, I don't know. I can't see him."

Word is that the two are stuck like glue.

The following photos of Pinky, Mindy and William were taken on day one. No break in time necessary. Except for other brother Cisco who is taking a bit more time. Although he and the newbie have touched noses with no ill effects, so I forsee a pile of three sleeping kitty-boys in the very near future.

Sweet, precious, "I-love-everybody" Pinky spent a day at the shelter in Marguerite's office. She took some great photos and had this to say:

I've been conducting an experiment. If an office worker is given a kitten, productivity falls markedly for the first hour, but then increases dramatically for the rest of the day. Also a surge in general contentment, cooperation and enthusiasm is noted. Therefore every workplace should have at least one kitten. There would be world peace.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Please Forgive

I know I've been lousy at keeping you up to date with the goings on. What I am prepared to tell you is that Pinky has the most wonderful adoption story that I will sit down and post by the weekend. Complete with photos!

For now, please let me introduce this beautiful wonderling. She's called Wanda Golightly. And she has two sisters.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Final Countdown!!

Are you a fan of the IBKC? (Who isn't?) Are you a procrastinator? (Like moi.) If you've answered "YES!" to those two questions, then put it off no longer!

photo credit goes to Laurie, of course

Laurie's fundraiser has only 4 days left to go and she's got a few squillion left to reach her goal. I know she can do it, YOU know she can do it, but why prolong the agony! Get thyself over there and make a donation of any size!

If you've already done so - Thank you! If you're not in a position to donate, spread the word far and wide!

And if you've been doing some travelling in outer space for the last few years and are not familiar with this wonderfullness, you simply must take a week off work, plant yourself in front of the computer, and read every single post, start to finish.

I mean it now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Misery Loves Company

For reasons requiring no explanation, it seems I've had this little ditty on a continuous loop in my head for a week!

What's even stranger is that prior to that I'd never even heard the darn thing. Please to let me share it with you.

Click here.

Hey, did you notice the overbite on the one named Pinky? Is that synchronicity or what?

And so I bid you good day and happy looping.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pinky Has a Home!

Well, sorta..

As I'm sure is the case with untold numbers of you, someone has fallen head over heels for this guy without having even met him. She's a wonderful woman who along with her husband would love to make him Kitty #3 at their household. I've had some interaction with her in the past as she made a generous donation to our food bank in exchange for the use of a photo for her jewelry business, Napping Cat Productions. I know she's good peeps and I feel in my gut it's where Pinky belongs.

She contacted me once she regained her composure after Pinky's intro here and on the IBKC. "Would the Humane Society let me reserve him? I can't make it to Tacoma until Saturday." I'd see what I could do..

This was Traci's call, and bless her heart she agreed to let me bring Pinky back home with me after his neuter surgery yesterday so Mindy and her husband could swoop him home next weekend.

I thought it would be a good idea to ask the vet while he was there about that delicious little overbite. I didn't want to burden his new parents with unexpected dental bills down the line. And here's where it gets complicated..

Turns out Pinky's lower canines will do some damage to the roof of his mouth. It was recommended that they be extracted. Of course, our shelter doesn't have the means to provide this service so it would be the responsibility of the adopter. I spoke with my vet to get an idea of what would be involved cost-wise. There are a couple of other options we're looking into - less invasive and less risky, though more expensive. But we're hopeful that we'll be able to work something out one way or another.

As if that weren't enough, the little dude is showing signs of a possible bladder stone. He's going back to see the doc tomorrow, possibly for x-rays. If that's indeed what's going on, the shelter vet has offered to do the surgery to remove it, but Pinky will require a special diet all his live long days.

We knew the boy was special - we just didn't know how special. But as Marguerite so eloquently put it, "There had to be a reason this poor, anemic flea ridden, goofy-toothed guy came to the shelter when he did, happened to be bathed while I was walking by with my camera, happened to be shown on Laurie's blog, and happened to be fostered by you. Something is at work here, conspiring to get this little guy the help he needs."

Amen to that.

Pinky's hopeful parents are being kept up to date and will drive down from Seattle on Saturday to meet him. It looks like he won't be going home that day as we had planned, but I remain optimistic that The Universe will work it's wonders and Pinky will eventually land right where he's supposed to be. Somewhere in Seattle with Mindy, Phil, William and Cisco.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Let's Get Up To Date

There have been so many baby cats passing through here of late I feel like I'm running a kitten underground railroad! Mind you, I haven't been secreting them out of the shelter, only providing a short term stop on their journey home.

First you met Trooper here.

Next was Randall, shown here with a very stylish lick-over courtesy of one Rosie Rosemary. Randall Trump, as it were.

It wasn't terribly long after his arrival that something happened that I thought never would. I decided to send him off to NOAH for fostering, enabling me to bring home a litter of four that had been in our vet treatment for some time and were finally scheduled for surgery in about a week.

NOAH had asked for babies, and one of their foster peeps had specifically requested a singleton. Though it was definitely not easy, the logical thing to do was to send him there, with lots of hugs and kisses, allowing me to free up badly needed space in our shelter. Empty cages for incoming kittens are very few and far between these days.

So.. These four fluff balls came to stay for about 5 days while they waited for their surgery date to roll around. Afterwards they stayed at the shelter and at last report have all been adopted. No surprise there.

Tabby boy #1

Tabby boy #2

Seal point boy

Puffy gray girl

But wait! There's more.

This little darling had been in a foster home and was returned for surgery which was a couple of days away. Since the cats and kittens returning from foster stay in the foster area, I brought her home as well to make room for others.

She had her surgery on Friday and I saw some very interested parties checking her out yesterday. I don't know whether she was adopted, but I'd be very surprised if she lasted the day.

There! That's all the short-timers to date. I'm labelling them "Starfish" if you care to search for them. I'm sure there will be more.

I know I've been lax about posting all the comings and goings, but I've been so busy, and they've been in and out so quickly! I knew I'd eventually catch you up on things.

Oh yeah, there was also the very distressing three days and nights that my sweet, timid, indoor kitty Franny spent outside over the 4th of July. Long story, and she's back now, but her mama was a bit of a wreck. (Laurie will testify.) She got out on the 3rd and the thought of her and the fireworks about did me in.

She spent her first three days back home on my bed, hardly moving a muscle.

Of course, none of this precludes my regular schtick of fostering litters of weensies. The Starfish are extra credit kitties, kept separate from the others if they are strays. I'll still have the little families as I have all along.

In fact, there may or may not be three little girls here right now who call themselves the Golightly sisters. You must defnitely check back to see whether it's true.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Speaking of Flame Points..

Dear friend and long-time IBKC and Pitter Pats follower Anne Boleyn was kind enough to send along a photo of her dear flame point boy Potter, under the heading, "What Pinky might become".

If he's lucky he'll be just as handsome, and given the traits he's already exhibited, he'll be just as charming and poised.

Along with his sister Beatrix, Potter spent many an evening tooling around with Anne's papa before the latter's recent passing. Honestly, one of the sweetest kitty stories ever.

Anne says in part:

It was Beatrix who ALWAYS rode on the walker and when Potter hopped on it usually resulted in a mobile wrestling match or with P oozing off mid-trip as he would always lie down on the seat while Beatrix always sat and put her arms over the front. Daddy called her his pilot. For some reason she usually had this meditative expression on her face when on the job.

The photo of Potter reminded me of this gem and I asked Anne's permission to share. I hope it warms your cockles as it does mine.

Thanks, Anne. Such a beautiful, loving family.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Pink No More

I've heard from a few folks who have bounced over here from the IBKC to see some 'after' shots of a certain boy named Pinky. (I think there was a little gender confusion when the name was given at the shelter, but it stuck.)

For those who are unaware, this kitten came in the other day so covered in flea dirt (which after all is really dried blood ~ eeew!) that the little feller was actually pink! I kid you not. I saw him with my own eyeballs.

There were also splotches of black 'yet-t0-be-dissolved' specks. The lad was a mess.

Following an application of Capstar to kill the existing fleas, two thorough bathings by critter bather extraordinaire Shirley, and an application of Revolution to prevent any further infestations, he was deemed adorable and put on the schedule to be neutered on Monday.

In order to free up valuable space in the foster area, I brought him home for a few days and will return him bright and early the morning of surgery. He'll be available for adoption at the shelter on Tuesday.

This little beauty won't last long..

He's so darn busy that I'm having one heck of a time getting photos of him. He also is quite inistant that I hold him while he snuggles up to my neck. I resorted to lying on the kitchen floor so he could sit on my chest while I tried to get a decent shot.

Is it just me, or does he have the slightest hint of an adorable overbite..?

What you may not be able to tell is that Pinky is a beautiful flame point guy. His body is very white - for now - and his ears and tail are the sweetest apricot. He may very well get orange markings where there are none now as he gets older.

You can see a little bit in the last two pix of his orange-y tailio. I'll try very hard to get more shots of him before he leaves us in a couple of days.

Oh, and he talks a lot.