Sunday, October 31, 2010

"What Was That, Iris?"

Did you say something?

Seriously, I didn't quite catch it.

Aww.. Come on. See? I'm paying attention!


It was probably dullsville anyway.

Still, I'd better keep one ear open ~ just in case.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Oh, hello! Excuse me for just a second while I get a grip.

Ahem! *D-e-e-p, cleansing breath..*

Okay. Better now. Remember I told you here about Greta's new family? Well, after a day or two getting acclimated in the new bathroom, she was allowed out to meet her new brother, Linus.

The little clown wasted no time making a complete dork of herself. Cracks me the hell up.

Isn't she a riot?? Apparently this went on for about half an hour. Linus looks at her like, "What just happened here? The last kitty was so nice and calm. This thing is a freak!"

The little freak has been christened Kalena, which is Greta in Hawaiian. Mom Kim says, "Its honorific of the name you gave her with our own twist!" Eldest daughter calls her Baby Fuzz. Love that.

Kalena and Linus have become fast friends. She's even touched noses with a dog or two. This is the family she was waiting for.

Tulip is All Bendy

Free at last, free at last.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just How Little is the Little One?

Rhoda was looking so weensie and cute, I thought I'd see if I could get a shot or two of her with some sort of perspective so you could better appreciate her miniature-i-tude.

Doesn't she look so serious? Of course, those of us who were present at her arrival know full well that it's all a charade.

I did the old tried-and-true gimmick. I booped her nose to get my finger in the picture.

She was not amused.

So I bribed her.

Yes, cute-ums. You may keep it.
I love you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"POOF" Goes the Floof!

Work it, Marvin.

Someone's Leaving Us Today..

It's Greta. Beautiful Greta.

Her new family is coming to pick her up around noon. They've been on pins and needles for over a week now!

Mom and Dad were taking themselves on a much anticipated 10-year anniversary trip to Hawaii and would wait to get pick her up when they returned. They got back yesterday and couldn't get here soon enough! (I think that had I let them, they might have come by on their way home from the airport.)

They're a great family. A darling 5-year old boy, a cute and charming 8-year old girl, and a 16-year old daughter who I didn't get to meet. (Maybe today?) But I don't need to meet her to know that she's a great young lady who is about to meet a wonderfully wacky young kitten!

Mom and dad met when they worked together as veterinary technicians. How perfect is that? The family also includes a 14-year old Aussie shepherd mix, a 6-year old German shepherd and a 2-year old orange tabby boy. They lost their dear 15-year old kitty a few months back and are ready to fill that empty spot.

So we bid farewell to Greta - for now. I have great confidence that we'll be hearing more from this one. Mom is a dear friend of a dear friend. I think she'll keep in touch.

Remember this post when the Woolseys arrived on the scene?

Bye-bye, my lovely. You cleaned up real nice.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Outdoorsy Type

Tiny Man is not just the only boy kitty in residence (poor outnumbered thing), he's also the only one who goes outside. In fact, he's so insistent on spending his days 'al fresco', that I'm fairly certain he'd chew down the back door if I withheld his priveleges. He's a big boy. I don't argue.

The routine is out the back door first thing in the morning, and in the front sometime after dark. When the time is right, my appointed role is to go out onto the porch and call him. Sometimes it works the first time, sometimes I stay up later than I'd like when he chooses to toy with me. I will NOT allow him to stay out all night. I don't care how big he is. Not negotiable.

Once he's stopped sniggering from somewhere deep in the neighbor's lushly landscaped parking strip (where I can't see him - remember, it's dark), he pokes out his head and beckons me to follow him down the sidewalk, sometimes two houses, sometimes three. He purrs so loudly I can hear him long before he lets me catch up.

When the game is over, he does the proverbial drop-and-roll, still purring. I bend to pick him up and carry him back home, a big droopy, happy lug. We do this every night.

What follows is a very sleepy boy, happily and utterly spent from another day of who knows what. He's keeping me company in the bathroom, curled up in the linen closet. Purring. The video quality isn't great, but I wanted to be sure you could hear him.

It's true what they say about orange kitties, you know. Some of the sweetest you'll ever find.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Single No More

Oh, the comfort and sweet serenity of someone to love and lean on..

Rhoda's new found siblings have welcomed her as one of their own. Indeed, there's no question she belongs.

Thank you, Darryl. You are the best of brothers.

Friday, October 15, 2010


To my local peeps ~ please utilize and pass along. Important stuff!

Thursday, October 14, 2010