Monday, November 29, 2010

PSA ~ Cutie Pie Needs Home!

Although this is not something I would ordinarily do, special people and special circumstances merit special attention.

Tanya has been a follower of Pitter Pats for a while now and during that time has expressed an interest in a kitty or two. This despite being in Portland, Oregon while I'm in Tacoma, Washington. Not a terribly great distance - 3 hours or so - but given the added fact that she volunteers with the Cat Adoption Team and as such has access to lots and lots of kitties, I was flattered that she was smitten by mine. (Dare I mention who..? Sally Dickens, now the infamous Melly, and Gary. Funny, goofy Gary.)

Truly, I think she was mostly fantasizing in both cases. She wasn't quite ready to adopt. But it gives you an idea of her very astute, across-the-miles, cuteness radar. She's good, this one.

Anyway, I offered to share some information with you regarding a little one looking for permanent placement. Tanya (and I believe her husband) scooped him up on a recent road trip and are unable to give him a home. So without further ramblings, here's Tanya's message to the Universe:

I hate to state the obvious, but this is clearly one of the cutest kittens in the whole entire world. He is beautiful and soft, but what really stands out is his loving and affectionate personality. He needs a home in the Portland area. If you are interested in meeting the little wonderball, email or call Tanya Sloan -, 971.645.0583.

When we found him in the middle of nowhere, he was hiding in the bushes. We thankfully had cans of cat food with us and got him to come out. After he ate, he said thank you by rubbing on our legs and purring like a little tractor. When I was petting him, I found ticks, and a hawk was sitting on a nearby tree looking at us, so we figured we need to get him out of there.

He spent the entire six-hour drive with minimal fuss. Mostly he slept on my hand, purred and made biscuits while we adored him. He rolled over on his back to show us his glorious fuzzy belly several times.

When we got home, we had to confine him to a big crate in our bathroom while we figured out what to do. He is eating and using his litterbox like a true champion. He is purring and chirping anytime we are in the bathroom. He is playing with his toy mouse and cleaning what looks like a few days' worth of grime from his gorgeous coat.

We will most likely need to bring him over to your home for an introduction or meet somewhere like PetSmart or another pet-friendly location where you can meet him in his big crate. If you are looking for a very sweet little kitten, who will rock your world, please contact Tanya Sloan at or 971.645.0583.

He will need a vet appointment as soon as possible since I wasn't able to get out a couple of the ticks, to get fixed, tested, vaccinated, dewormed and for flea treatment.

Ain't he a cutie?

Tanya has indicated that she might even be willing to drive him some distance for the right adopter.

Let's send our positive thoughts and best wishes to them both! And those of you in the Portland vicinity, please feel free to re-post or share on facebook.


Late breaking update from Tanya:

We've decided to take him to a vet tomorrow to get the works – tests, vaccines, deworming, de-ticking (yuucckkky), etc. It looks like he may be with us for a while looking for a home, so it would be mean of us to keep him so confined and not treated.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sugar and Spice

(Again, apologies for the static. Just turn off the sound for my videos until the happy day when I upgrade.)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Pleasure of His Company

As you may have deduced after this post, Little Poofy Poof Poof worked his wiles with Becky and her husband. I don't want to put words into their mouths, but I think it's fair to say that they are head over heels for the munchkin.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control (blasted snow and sub-freezing weather!), his surgery has been postponed until next week.

So lucky for me, I get to keep him for an extra week. Not so lucky for his new family. But they're very nice people, they understand. I do feel a little bad, though..

The least I can do is provide photos in the meantime.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Midgie and Wilma

A Tale of Two Kitties.. And Two Dogs and Their Family

Remember Greta (Kalena)? Remember this? Well, Kalena's mom Kim has penned a little story that I'd like to share with you. {Ahem.. Someone is very silly. I like that.}

Here 'tis:

Once upon a time there was a sweet and fluffy kitten who lived with the foster mommy goddess of all of the kittens of the land. [Aw, thanks.] One day, a loving (innocent) family came along, met her, were bewitched and enchanted by her and so they took her home.

As she grew, she became sleek and strong. She remained sweet and fluffy (of course a feline has to keep up appearances) but she began to hone certain skills... She became a proficient hunter: orange tails and black tails were her favorite big game. Her mommy's glasses, in particular, were never EVER safe. Whether on her mommy's face or resting peacefully next to her mommy's bed - the glasses beckoned. To be chewed upon, knocked down and generally beaten up - such powerful glasses-pummeling skill she had!

Her powerful older (awesomely orange) brother was very impressed with her skills and they frequently trained together in the arts of running, tumbling, watching leaves and chickens through the great-door-of-glass and, of course, licking each other.

The dogs who shared their home were not as impressed with their great fabulousness and vowed to wage a campaign of starvation by eating the foodstuffs of the small-big-cats at every opportunity. The vigilant humans continued to intervene, however, and her sleek belly was never hungry.

But because she and the orange one did require rest, they would snuggle and purr (further ensnaring with their subtle wiles) with their human companions (slaves) sharing their warmth and actually seeking out their awesome petting ("Groom me slaves!") abilities.

And so the humans were suitably charmed and her enchantment held true, and it came to pass that they all lived happily ever after.

The end (ish).

It's Wilma

Named for Wilma Rudolph. This one never stops running, making it nearly impossible for me to take pictures.

She'll be a short-timer as she just needed to gain a little weight. She's already accomplished that, but will stay around a little while longer. Midgie needs the company. Besides, she's an excellent snuggle kitty once she does stop running. Eventually.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Poofier and Poofier

I don't usually post on the weekends, but decided to toss in a little teaser of Pat the Cat. He has company coming from up north tomorrow and I may not have all that much longer to capture his puffy goodness.

I'm not yet at liberty to mention the visitors' names, but let's just say that a first name may or may not rhyme with Shecky.

Besides, my girls are doing me proud and a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mea Culpa

I knew I'd been falling behind in my kitten updates - life and stuff has been happening - but I didn't realize just how lax I'd been until reading the comments on some recent posts. My heavens.

Let's get down to it:

Dear Marvin was adopted by a dear couple, Vic and Lisa, who are friends of Jessica, Lilo (Molly) and Lucy's mom.

They thought they just wanted one. A youngster to brighten the life of their sweet older kitty Jake who had recently lost a companion.

Turns out they also wanted Rhoda. (Now Amiri.) They just didn't know it until she claimed her spot on Vic's chest they day they visited.

I did manage to tell you about Sheila and her twin girls. So darling.

And then, lo and behold, I was paged at work today when a super nice woman came in who had seen Darryl on Petfinder and thought he might be her new kitten. She hadn't even seen the blog and wanted to know how to go about meeting him.

Of course, being the true kitty person that she is (all of her kitties have been rescues), she didn't want to adopt a single kitten. They do need companions, you know. I know!

So homeward I dashed - she was content to wait - woke the babies up from their naps, and whisked them off to the shelter for a meet and greet. They won her over before they were out of the crate.

It happened so fast I hardly had time to process it! But she was perfect and well worth the wait. As I knew she would be. Once again, things worked out exactly the way they were supposed to.

I made it very clear to her that I always worry just a wee little bit until I hear that all is well. She promised. I'll be hearing from her.

Speaking of Molly and Lucy's mom, she has sent the most beautiful photos of her girls. Please admire their before and afters:



These two are so loved, I think it clearly shows in these portraits.

And so this leaves me with Pat and Midge.

Oh, and another little one I brought home today. You'll meet her very soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. And for making it to the end of this post.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Don't you want me?

Darryl and I have all the patience in the world, but we can't fgure out why you haven't claimed him yet. Same for Tulip.

It's a puzzlement. But we know these things can take time. And I love them.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winsome. Beautiful.

Having had the company of the Woolseys for longer than what I'm used to, it's just that much more difficult to say goodbye.

Sheila was always the tiniest, and even at 3 months is still petite. Nonetheless, her family found her last Saturday. Mom and adorable twin 2-year old girls. They were so gentle with her, and mom was clearly smitten.

Goodbye dear, gentle, cuddly little Sheila. Please remind the family now and then that they promised us some updates and photos. We'll be patient - but just for a little while.


Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Intermission Entertainment

I'm a little bit behind in my posting and may be for another few days yet. In the interim, please allow Pat to provide some amusement. While sweet, accomodating Darryl very calmly obliges.

We'll be back soon with adoption updates and a precious little newbie!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pink is My Favorite Color of Tulip

Yep, that little belly is nekkid. And she hasn't found her peeps yet. Is it you??