Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tiny Dancer

In 2011 I'll be taking a lesson from Dancer in turning lemons into lemonade..

His adopter is over the moon for this little guy!

This was taken the morning following Dancer's neuter surgery. I was afraid I'd missed my chance to memorialize him, and assumed he'd be feeling a bit too "delicate" to perform. Boy, was I wrong.

We ask that you excuse the paint in Dancer's kennel. It hasn't held up to the frequent pressure washing. New paint is in our future.
Addendum: Shame on me for not introducing Frank, the sweet brindle pug who had the misfortune of sharing a kennel with an attention hog. Notice his tail is pretty waggity too.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Please Stand By

There has been such a whirlwind of adoptions around here, you cannot imagine! All there is left is one little Costello and a prospective adopter we hope to meet this weekend.

I promise I will take the time to share their stories. I promise! But I'll be busy, busy, busy for a while so in the interim, please enjoy a few pix of one very special Christmas present who Santa personally came by to pick up on Christmas Eve after the kids had gone to bed.

Yeah, this was a good one.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yeah Baby! That's How She Rolls!

There has GOT to be some sort of Grand Poobah Prize for this.

After her last peformance here, Franny received a surprise Christmas gift from Billy, Darby, Luke and Lenny!

We already knew what extra special boys they are, well brought up with lots of love and spoilage by Roger and Laura. What we didn't know is that they've also picked up on mom and dad's selfless generosity.

Thank you boys! Franny finds the strobe light version of the roundabout ball ever so much more entertaining! We'll never go back. She wouldn't have it.

Reminder: It's wise to watch my videos with the sound muted or very low. Equipment issues, you know.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Au Revoir, Midgie!

Midge leaves us on Monday to bring her special brand of joy to the lives of her new family. Mom, Dad, two very excited little girls and Parker, Midgie's new toy Aussie shepherd brother.

Midgie, you have been nothing less than a sheer delight since the day I met you on your arrival at the shelter. A very scared, hissy, spitty thing, all alone in the big world. I'm so glad I was there that day.

You, my dear, have blossomed into the most darling, loving little girl kitty I could ever have hoped for. Perfect for your new family, happy and at peace in the big world. A world that's no longer a scary place, but one where you know you'll be safe and cared for forever.

I love you, littlest one. Be a good girl, keep in touch.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yes, They're Still Here!

Unfortunately, I've managed to get very few postable pix of the Costellos. They spent some time feeling puny, and who wants their picture taken under those circumstances? I understand, kittens.

All are hale and hardy now - in fact, four of the six are having surgery tomorrow! Rocky, Buster, Maudy and Milla will be ready for adoption this weekend! They have no prospects on the horizon, no doubt due in part to their lack of exposure. But how long do you think kittens like this can last??

Not long at all.

I expect Ruby and Ida to be ready by early next week. Speak up folks! They'll be selling like hotcakes! (Well, adopting. You know.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Ya Watchin' Midge?

I know, honey. Tee-Vee's glory days are long past. Come, I'll read you a story.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wilma + Mac = Destiny

"We were wondering about Wilma, who we saw on the Tacoma ASPCA web site. My son (age 5)'s cat recently died + we are looking for a kitten. We have kids - aged 5 + 3, and an older cat, 16 (who is now a bit lonely) and a husky/greyhound aged 11 (who is good w cats). We have lots of cat climbing shelves + toys for an active youngster :)

PS we totally understand if Wilma is spoken for - she's got such a face! "

Well, then. If ever there was a kitten who is ideal for two small children, and older, lonely kitty and a husky/greyhound mix (Can you imagine?!), it's our dearest Wilma Rudolph.

The meeting was arranged for Saturday at the shelter. I introduced myself to mom, then to dad. Mom gestured to the seriously cute young man at her side saying, "This is Mac." I bent down, put out my hand and said, "Hi Mac!" His words to me - "I love Wilma!"

I had the entire brood with me as there had been another family meeting the kittens earlier in the day. Since they were all there, I asked whether they wanted to meet only Wilma, or all of the kitties. Mac said he would like to meet them all. And so they did.

I set them up in our Executive Director's office. She generously offers her space on busy days when the two visitation rooms aren't enough. And since there were eight kittens (!) we needed a bit more room.

Mac and the other darling boy who I assume was his brother spent some time along with mom and dad with Wilma, Midge and all the Costellos. I popped my head in now and then. Wilma on mom's lap. Wilma on dad's shoulder. Really, the decision had already been made.

Wilma was off to her new home. I think this was a perfect adoption.

Goodbye beautiful. You're a special one you are. Kitten perfection.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Legs??

Someone asked whether these kitties have white feet, and hence were 'snowshoes'. I dunno about the breed, but as you can see with Maudie here, they have very elegant white legs.

And guess which one is a talker..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Franny Has Her Moment in the Spotlight

As regular readers know, Frances is a shy sort of gal. She's not one who likes to be handled and will usually dart away if you get too close. And by 'you' I mean me. Unless of course I'm in bed which is an entirely different story. She might lie down smack dab on my chest and purr up a storm. She's a quirky one, she is.

However, she has a particular skill, nearly always performed away from admiring eyes as she doesn't like to draw attention. I never dreamed I'd be able to share. Even I don't often get to witness it, I can often 'hear' it in the dead of night.

The video is longer than I would normally post. Frankly, it only ends when it does because my memory card was full. I could have gone on and on. If you watch the whole thing you'll see that some of her best moves are near the end.

So I give you Frances Jellybean, Whirly Thing Whirler Extraordinaire!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

By Popular Demand

Yes indeedy there's an update on Pat the Cat! I was holding out until all the Costellos had made their debut. So now that that's accomplished, I will relate the tale of Kisuke, Boy Wonder.

As you may recall, it was a while back when Becky and The Husband came to visit. Having been rendered helplessly helpless by the kitty over the interwebs, I couldn't imagine that would change upon meeting him. It didn't.

Poofy was scheduled for surgery the week of Thanksgiving, new mom and dad would come pick him up after the holiday weekend as they had plans out of town.

Well, Mother Nature intervened, there was snow, surgeries were cancelled, we'd all have to wait another week. No problem. We'd arrange for a good time to meet.

I emailed Becky to update her on the plans. No response. I emailed a day or two later. No response. What?? Had they changed their minds? Had there been some terrible misfortune on their Thanksgiving trip? I was verklempt!

My third message relayed my concerns and a request that if they had indeed decided against adopting - imagine! - that they please let me know as by this time the little guy had been neutered and was in need of a permanent home.

Cut to next day. I'm at work at the shelter and here comes Monica, our Volunteer Coordinator, scurrying down the hall in my direction waving a piece of paper. It's an email written the night before from guess who - Becky! There had been some 'equipment revisions' at her end and though she'd been receiving and responding to my messages it had bcome clear to her that I hadn't been getting those responses.

Becky had gone to the Humane Society website, found the contact information for Monica, and emailed her in a wee bit of a panic that they did indeed want this kitten and could she please track me down to let me know! She and The Husband had even named the little poof already! It's Kisuke. Becky works at Pokemon, hence the Japanese reference. I like that it kinda sounds like a little *smooch*.

Back to our story. Later that same afternoon, Becky left work in Redmond with the encouragement of co-workers and the blessings of the boss, and drove however long it takes to get to Tacoma. I went home on my lunch hour, scooped up Kisuke and brought him back to the shelter with me. We met at about 2:00, completed the adoption and off they went!

It happened so fast I hardly had a chance to realize he was gone! It's probably just as well. Goodbyes aren't always easy. I did warn her that she'd no doubt be serenaded all the way home as Puffy doesn't like the crate. The little poop made a liar out of me. This appeared in my in-box that same night:

"I can’t help but give you a quick update! I love taking photos of my kitties. From the pictures, you might wonder if all he does is sleep. Actually, he won’t stop moving and I can’t get a good picture! ;) I picked up my husband and Kisuke slept the whole way home.

We’ve nicknamed him Floofers and he demanded the run of the whole house from minute one. His siblings are still adjusting, but his big brother (Shinji) did allow Kisuke to take a nap on top of him on my lap."

Kisuke with brother Shinji and 'Baby Girl' sister Asuka.

"I have to say that I had completely forgotten that kittens think that 6am is play time! I'm going to need to start going to bed earlier. ;)

Yesterday was the first day that the oldest and the new youngest were playing together (I knew they'd be best buds once we got past initial nerves). And I even caught them all cuddling together.

Having a black cat and a black and white cat makes pictures hard, but either way it's clear the little Floofer is sandwiched between them. We're having a good time, and we'll definitely keep in touch. "

And later:

"The vet's office came to a standstill today during our appointment so that all the gals could take a turn snuggling him and snapping pictures. LoL!

Kisuke is one of the boldest cats I've ever had, and he's taken over the house pretty quickly. I'm trying to keep him out of the Christmas tree, but I have the hardest time scolding him with that adorable face!"

Amen to that.

Monday, December 6, 2010

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