Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Deal with a Dearth of Babies

The girls find themselves without the usual gaggle of kittens to bathe. Heaven knows Miles has been spit shined to perfection. What to do, what to do?

There's only one option.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

He's Brilliant, I Tell You. Brilliant!!

And so I find myself with one lone kitten. Miles. Beautiful, brilliant Miles. He showed his true colors once Hedda left. No more hiding this light under a barrel.

Here's the story. Very often once the kittens have had the run of the place for a while, they will at some point venture up the stairs with me and discover the bedroom. It's a big room with a bare floor, so this revelation results in much ruckus and frivolity. It also results in tiny kittens on the bed at night, either under the covers or burrowed into the belly of an obliging adult cat. That would be Rosie or Minnie. Tiny Man is always at my feet but will not tolerate the little interlopers.

For whatever reason, this last group preferred their own company at night and didn't come up. There are lots of options for sleeping piles of kittens downstairs and I think they utilized them all. That's okay. The big kitties liked the extra square footage.

Hedda would sometimes fly up the stairs to holler for breakfast when she heard me get up; Melvin followed along a couple of times; but Miles never did go up. Not once.

So.. While I'm happy to let them do whatever feels best, I did have a small concern once Hedda had left that Miles would be downstairs at night all by his fuzzy little self. I didn't want to bring him up to an unfamiliar place while I was sleeping. Besides, there's a railing around the stairs that has been the "downfall" of more than one kitten. The posts are just far enough apart to allow an inquisitive little guy to push through and take a pretty scary tumble. So I left him downstairs that first night.

And so we arrive at the brilliant part. Not only did I wake up in the morning with Miles in the bedroom, he was curled up with Rosie acting just like it had been his routine all along! Now mind you, he's still very small. Not only had he figured out we were up there, he'd found his way up the stairs, down a short hallway to the bedroom, and up onto the bed!

What did I tell you? Genius.

That's right, ladies. Brains and good looks. A most lethal combination.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Someone Else is Leaving Today

The longer they're here, the more I love 'em. Hedda's been here a while...

She has so much love in her little torbie body. Her new family has a wonderful future with an endearingly persistent kitten either at their feet demanding to be held, or on a shoulder purring and rubbing like she just won the lottery.

Actually, she did.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitty Tube!

If you've got kittens, you really should have one. It's long, it crackles, it has string-y things at one end and - oh joy! - a hole in the middle to pop your head out!

Melvin leaves tomorrow. Hedda, Miles and I will surely miss his fluffy goodness. But we'll still have each other and he'll have Eleanor!

{Lots of videos lately, I know. They're so much easier to capture than good still photos. I'll get back to those one day.. Meantime, I hope you're enjoying the action.}

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mr. Melvin Wigglesworth

{Turn down the volume - there's a fan in the window.}

Monday is surgery day for this little charmer. Then off he goes to Seattle to join our precious Eleanor! Yep! She was the first to go home. Not sure yet when Melvin will join her - there are logistics involved. But it will be one day this week.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Comfort That is Rosie

Little Hedda had her surgery the other day. While the kittens always snap back amazingly quickly, it does take a while for the anesthetic to wear off. And I'm sure there's some discomfort.

Hedda chose Rosie's ample belly to snuggle with while she recovered. I can't say I blame her. I do it sometimes myself.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Playmates for Life!


Eleanor and Melvin will have a couple of decades to romp and cuddle and romp some more. They've had the great good fortune to be chosen by Sara and Chris, a dear couple who go the extra mile - and then some - for their beloved kitties. These two have found the pot of gold - 24 carat.

One left the nest today; the other needs to gain a few ounces.

No, I'm not telling you which is which. Not yet.

This is how I lure you back.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Minnie's Such a Mama

Hedda thinks she's swell.

Glamour Puss


I thought I'd better post a glamour shot of this boy. It won't be much longer until he's ready for adoption. Utterly swoon-worthy.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sad Day #2

I regret starting the week with sad news, but I'm afraid I must. Adorable, bedraggled Andy passed on this weekend. I had such confidence that he'd turn it around, but it was not to be.

He never did eat very well on his own and didn't regain much strength. He stayed small and frail, but never failed to let me know he was happy.

Friday evening we spent time on the couch - he on my chest, very gently purring while I combed his fur. He had developed a pretty bad case of diarrhea and I was beginning to feel that perhaps he wouldn't stay. Indeed, he was gone in the morning.

We performed a test for panleukopenia just to be sure. It was negative. Sometimes there are little ones who simply fail to thrive. Given Andy's rough start, there could have been any number of reasons.

As sad as his passing was, I take comfort in knowing that he knew love and tenderness in his short little life. He was warm and comfy, and I swear I saw him smile once or twice.

I took this photo with the intention of it being his 'before' shot. Though he looked so much better after a bath and a brushing, I thought I'd have more time for the 'after' pose. My sister Jean said, "I love that picture. As bedraggled as he is, he looks like he is blissful with the warm sun shining on his back - what a precious little thing."

I love this picture, too. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to bring a little sunshine into this precious life. "Run free, little man. You'll always have a place in my heart."

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gor-Gor-Gordy Goodbye!

Handsome man Gordy went to his new home yesterday. A better one I could not have hand-picked. Mom and Dad had lost 3 dear, elderly cats within the last 14 months - the most recent just last Thursday.

There was a huge hole in their lives. But no more. And Gordy has a new sister as well! A black tabby girl, about his same age.

They've got very long, very happy lives ahead of them.

Look how handsome he is.

His name is Cooper now. I think that fits him even better than Gordy.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Today is a Sad Day

You've barely met the three little brothers, I know. But they've been here a while now and are as dear to me as any kittens I've been honored to have under my care. Sadly, today we had to make the very difficult decision to put one of the sweethearts down.

Little Levi - who you caught a glimpse of in this video - was born with just a nubbin of a tail. If you look closely you'll see it before he ambles out of view.

Kittens born without tails can be susceptible to serious bowel complications due to the lack of nerve endings in that area. We thought Levi had enough of a tail that there wouldn't be a problem. Sadly, we were mistaken.

Before he came to me, no doubt his mama kitty was taking care of his elimination issues, but it became clear after being here for a while that there were problems, in both areas. He had no control and the poor thing would just go whenever and wherever.

I took him to see the shelter vet today, knowing in my heart what would be the outcome. To be very sure, she very gently poked at his little rectum with the tip of a needle to see if there was any response. He should have felt it and flinched - he didn't.

He'd been losing weight and was just not feeling well. It was time.

I wrapped him in a soft blanket and we took a quiet little walk around the shelter so I could say goodbye. He purred and nuzzled my fingers. I cried a little, but was glad to be able to send him on his way while he was still a happy boy.

And so.. A couple of photos of Levi with Rosie. And a short little video of the three of them on the day they arrived. That's my angel on the left.

I am proud to have spent some blissfully silly, happy days with you. Bye-bye, sweetie. Thank you for your love.