Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BFFs 4 Always

After an extended stay at The House of Pitter Pats, Davey and Patsy are leaving me tomorrow.  Their time with me has been a little longer than most for this reason and that. But mostly because we had a little scare with Patsy after her spay surgery.

Everything went smoothly; pre-surgery exam normal, surgery itself a breeze, but before long she was having difficulty breathing and it continued for several hours.  Her heart and lungs did not sound good and an x-ray was inconclusive.  It could have been a reaction to the anesthesia, maybe a bronchial condition - perhaps she had aspirated something - or worse, there might be something wrong with her heart.

I brought her home that evening to keep an eye on her not knowing what to expect.  I put her in Iris' heated bed, Rosie curled up around her, and there they stayed.  I monitored Patsy's breathing and saw no change for about four hours.

At 9:30 I noticed Rosie was up and about so I went to check on Patsy.  She was UP, she was EATING, she had not a care in the world and had no idea what all the fuss was about!

Back to the shelter the next day for another x-ray.  Dr. Smith listened to her heart and lungs for a long time and couldn't believe it was the same kitten.  She sounded like a normal, healthy kitty cat.  The x-ray showed great improvement, but there was still something not quite right.  There was no way to know whether she had a heart condition without an echocardiogram - an expensive procedure that the Humane Society just isn't equipped to provide.

Patsy was put on antiobiotics for a couple of weeks as a precaution.  She romped and played, ate and slept, and breathed like a happy, healthy little kitten.  It was a puzzlement and a worry.

Enter her guardian angel.  Someone very dear to me offered to cover the expenses for whatever Patsy might need.  This person has a beloved cat who showed signs of a heart problem years ago, saw a cardiologist, had an echocardiogram, was prescribed a small daily dose of human blood pressure medicine and has had a very long, very happy life since.  The offer was so unexpected, so thoughtful, so generous.  The decision was made to schedule Patsy for the procedure.

In the meantime I had been contacted by a great family looking to adopt two kitties.  No preference as to gender, color or even age.  A mom and a baby would be fine.  Or two kittens.  How about Davey and Patsy?

I'd been holding onto Mr. Davey as the two of them had become fast friends.  I really wanted them to find a home together, but things were still up in the air with Patsy.  I told the family about her situation and the dear mom said that they'd be willing to take on a medical issue if it wasn't too daunting.  That was about the most perfect thing she could have said.  I was hesitant to have the family meet the kittens and fall in love - they have two small boys - in the event we found out later that it was more serious than we'd hoped.  She wasn't concerned.  They wanted to meet them.  We'd see what the cardiologist had to say afterwards.

Well, they fell in love.  Patsy had her echocardiogram.  Everything was NORMAL, NORMAL, NORMAL!

One more x-ray today to be sure her lungs had resolved.  They had.  She's fine.  She'll need special attention should she ever need to be anesthetized again, but she's good to go!

And so tomorrow she goes.  She and Davey.  My little sweeties.  The family is so excited.  I'm so excited.  The stars lined up for these two and I'm over the moon!

Run along now, you two!  Be happy!  Be healthy!  I'm so lucky to have spent this time with you. 

And when you look out the window at the stars at night, you be sure to give thanks for your guardian angel.  I know I will.


  1. oh, we are so excited! Is it odd that this brought tears to my eyes. At our house pets are family, and we are so thrilled to be bringing home our furry family members tomorrow. Thank you so much for taking care of them in the between time. I am grateful that they've had such love from you and their cat mamas at your house. See you soon :)

    1. Happy tears or bittersweet tears are never odd when it comes to "our" wee furred friends.

      just my opinion... ((sniff))

  2. That's so wonderful! I'm so glad she's healthy and that they get to go to a new home together!! Yay for the new family!

  3. Wow! You must have been really worried until Patsy was cleared by the specialist. Phew!

    I'm glad she is normal except for the sensitivity to anesthesia! From the looks of the vigorous tussling in the video she and Davey are both happy and healthy.


  4. Oh BLESS Patsy's guardian angel *hearts*hearts*hearts* and WOOHOO that she's all better!

    Blessings to Patsy, Davey, and Sarah & Co! May your lives together be filled with joy, sparkle balls, purrs, and cuddles!


  5. I will give special thanks to that guardian angel, because I do know first hand how expensive it is to take a cat to a cardiologist. 10 years ago I adopted a new kitten and I was lucky to have a vet who noticed something wrong with his heart during his first checkup. He had a heart issue, but as you stated, blood pressure medicine has kept him healthy and alive. I am fortunate that I can afford to take him every 18 months back to the cardiologist. Bless you guardian angel!

  6. Except for the worry, everything about this is wonderful! The care and love from all directions just makes me so HAPPY!
    Toodaloo, you two sweeties! Love and thanks all around!

  7. Bless you, guardian angel, and hooray! for Patsy and Davey's forever home!

  8. Once again your words made me cry. The generous angel made me cry. But smiles are coming since Davey & Patsy have a loving home!

  9. Thank you Guardian Angel for helping this wee one out and making this happy ending possible! Yes, happy tears for all....

  10. Whew! That's good news! Good luck you two :)

  11. Oh, these happy endings make Mom all leaky-eyed.

  12. So thankful for everybody involved in this little girl's life -- Sue, Guardian Angel, new momma, kitty foster mommas, Davey . . . .

    Patti in KY

  13. Nothing better than a happy ending for two dear kittens...looks like they found a perfect home...

    many thanks to the guardian angels working on on their behalf...

  14. I'm so happy that Davey is no longer "singleton!" It's so great when kitties go home together :-) Thanks for the sweet story and I'm really glad you and the guardian angels were able to rule out any serious problems for Patsy so she go to the perfect forever home!

  15. I'm so happy that Davey is no longer "singleton!" It's so great when kitties go home together :-) Thanks for the sweet story and I'm really glad you and the guardian angels were able to rule out any serious problems for Patsy so she go to the perfect forever home!

  16. Bless you, Sue's Guardian Angel, for helping this mite to find the Best Ever Home for her and Davey. I was crying throughout the time I was reading this, even through the Happily Ever After part. You be good now, Patsy and Davey, and enjoy your new family. Big hugs to you, Sue, once again for all that you do for these little starfish!

  17. Hey Sue, I surely hope your radio silence is not due to problems with little Ruthie and Ernest! But why am I worrying? It's probably just the holiday busyness...