Thursday, December 27, 2012

Going.. Going..

Oh, drat!  Ruthie is in her new home and I didn't get near enough photos before she left. 

I tried to get some video, but my attempts were foiled.  Either the activity I was trying to capture came to a halt, or she was completely upstaged by an interloper.

The good news is that I know without a doubt that she has a great home. I was contacted by Melissa, a very dedicated vet tech that worked at The Humane Society for a long time. I was always impressed with her focus on what was best for the animals. Every animal. Great lady, Melissa.

She contacted me on behalf of her cousin who was hoping to adopt a kitten as a Christmas surprise for his 14-year-old sister. Excellent! I had my fingers crossed that I might have a photo or two by now. Not mandatory, of course. But it would be nice. (Melissa...?)

The other half of the news is that barring any unforeseen circumstances - like the end of the world for instance, which frankly seems pretty unlikely - Eugene will be in his new home as well by the end of next week!

My little black loveys. All growed up. I'll update you on his family after the fact. In the meantime, the Pugsleys will keep us all entertained.

Here they are on the day I met them. How could I not bring them home?



  1. Awww Sue jealous of you looking after those two cute black and white kittens! I couldn't have resisted either as I have a soft spot for B&W kittens!

    Yay for Ruthie and Eugene too - :D

  2. So happy to hear they are now 'home'. Oh. my. goodness..could not have resisted either.

  3. I defy anyone with a heart to resist Arlo and Alice. Floofy tux babies!?!? And congrats to Ruthie on her new home!

  4. I love how Minnie is pretending that reality has shifted by 90° in that second video!

    Good news about Eugene and I wish Ruthie the best in her new home! Of course photos would be great...

  5. good luck to Ruthie & Eugene....and yep - those new babies are adorable!

  6. How could anyone resist those little faces? Simply too cute.

  7. I'm thinking Miss Minnie is distracted by Tiny Man strolling through that second video.

  8. OMC ! OMC ! You took double tuxie home !!! Concatulation !!! Now you got new twin bosses...tee..heh..heh
    And they are so adorable !!!

  9. that is one seriously cute photo! :)

  10. Congrats, Ruthie! And yeah, Tiny Man strolling by is pretty distracting!

    And OMG, those Pugsley babies! How could anyone resist those adorable faces?