Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Remember This Mug?

It's Pat the Cat - aka Puffy Puff Puff! My heavens to Betsy.

I recently heard from mom Becky who very kindly sent along a photo as well.

"I know you're crazy with some sick little kitties lately. I'm praying for the whole lot of them! I figured I shoot you a quick update on Kisuke/Pat, hopefully this picture will make your day. :D

I just took him in for his first annual check up--he almost weighs 11 pounds! Apparently he's not all floof, and he is a little fat. ;) I turned around from my computer last night, and the attached picture is the sight that greeted me. I laughed out loud and almost couldn't get the camera in time to capture it. The look on his face is perfect: "This is me ladies--drink it in. You like what you see?"

I can't stop laughing every time I look at it! Hope it gives you a laugh too. :)"

Oh yeah. I like what I see all right. I like it quite a lot. There was never any question that this one would grow up to be a ladies' man. My favorite post of him as a baby is here. It pretty much explains it all.

Thanks, Becky! Youre timing is impeccable. As is your kitty cat.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Way Back to the Very Beginning

Hey there little kitten! Pssst..!

I'll bet there aren't many out there who remember this little guy. It's Archie Flanagan from my very first litter after starting the blog! Oh, what a fabulous face.

Archie was adopted in April of 2009 and christened 'Tino' - short for Valentino. I've heard from his mom Marylou occasionally over the years; most recently this past December.

I'd say Valentino is a just and fitting name for this handsome specimen of eye candy.

He's also well versed in the proper behavior of kitty cats. On top of cupboards; curled up in the sink; happy as a clam.

It's so good to see him after all this time and I'm very grateful to Marylou for being so thoughtful and remembering to send photos. This sure does take me back.

Tino (Archie) was one of four Flanagan brothers. There was also Hollis, Spencer and Kenny. You should go back and look at them. They were super duper cute.

I'll always remember a very nice man who contacted me from Chicago after he'd seen these boys to tell me that he'd recently lost his beloved cat Archie, and his last name was Flanagan. He was touched to the point of making a donation to our shelter. Nice.

I have several more updates I want to share. I've been meaning to collect them all into one post for some time now, but since I'm obviously not going to do that I'll share them individually.

I'm also hopeful that it won't be too long before I hear the pitter patter of tiny kitten feet again.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is OCD Contagious??

Seriously. Can kitties get it? I'll admit to having a *mild* case myself, but someone else around here is showing signs.

Here's the scenario. I walked around the house the other day picking up miscellaneous cat toys and when I had a handful I dropped them on the floor in the kitten room.

It wasn't long before I found the following right outside the door:

Honestly! All lined up nice and tidy in a row! What the heck is up with that?? I was flummoxed and no one's copping to it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yep. Off they go together with their really wonderful, kitty loving mom and dad, and super sweet, smiley-faced, happy little 7-month-old human.

So good I had goosebumps.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Here is Nora with her Lovey..

This is so darn sweet it almost brought tears to my eyes.

I hadn't yet received this photo of Nora when I posted yesterday, so I thought I'd wait until today to share it. It came with the following comment:

"She's thrilled. She's thinking of keeping the name. :-)"

Mom gets the credit for the darling photos of both girls. It's pretty obvious that they are way off the charts cute. My girls found some very special girls. How great is that?!

She also left a comment on yesterday's post and it made me so ridiculously happy that I want to be sure you see it, too:

"Emma and Nora are in heaven. Nora said that on a happy scale of 1-10 she's at 12. The kittens are having a grand time playing like crazy in Emma's room. Thank you for raising them so well, Sue!"

Wow. That's about as good as it gets. And truth be told, I actually did cry a little when I saw Nora and Lovey's photo. Joyful, happy tears.

P.S. To those who tell me they couldn't foster because it would be too hard to give up the kitties, this is why I foster.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Emma and the Girls!!


Two little Grables found their family today! This is Emma with her own personal kitten Mimi, and her sister's new kitten, Lovey.

Emma was fortunate enough to have a case of the sniffles that kept her home from school today, so mom brought her along to the shelter. The kittens were a huge surprise. She had no idea what she was in for! Her sister - also kept in the dark - will have quite a surprise when she gets home!!

Emma tells me that she likes Mimi's name so it will stay the same. Mom feels that Lovey's name might change once she meets her new person. That's just fine. She should have whatever name her new little girl thinks is best.

Mimi and Lovey have a grown up sister kitty to meet. It probably won't be for a day or two until everyone settles in. Given their experience with Rosie and Minnie, I'm confident that things will work out just fine.

This was a lovely day and a lovely adoption! Rufus and Gilda are pretty tired and sleeping it off, but they've also got someone in the wings waiting to meet them. Seriously, how could they not fall in love?

Happy, happy day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're Not Quite Back Yet

But we thought you might like another peek. Everyone's doing great!

All the Grables have had surgery now. None have been spoken for, so I'll be posting them on The Humane Society website. I don't expect they'll be here too much longer now.

I'll keep you posted and should be back in the swing of things in a week or so. Thanks for sticking by us!