Monday, April 30, 2012

Bradley is Bee-oo-tiful

Dreamboat Annie

I'd better catch you up with my Annie.

We'd been coasting along while her gums slowly healed - slower than we'd hoped, but there was progress. No reason to rush into anything, until...

...she needed to be spayed!  Oh my.  We'd hoped for a little more time so we could consolidate surgeries should she need a procedure in her mouth, but she had other ideas.  Poor Annie.  Poor Tiny Man!  One day she was completely disinterested, the next she was throwing herself at him with blatant and shameless abandon!  It was a long few days for us all before we got her on the surgery schedule, but last Monday was the day.

There was nothing more to be done at this point with her mouth, so she was made available for adoption and posted on the Humane Society website.  Her description went into some detail about what her future might hold, and that it was too early in her development to predict whether she'd need additional surgery for her teeth and gums.  Her adopter would need to sign a waiver acknowledging the possibilities and be willing to accept responsibility for whatever might come.

I knew her family would find her.  She's so sweet a girl and has been through so much.

While getting ready for work on Thursday, it occured to me to bring her along, set her up all pretty in a lobby cage at the shelter, and see if perhaps her family would happen by while I was there that day.  She's so charming in person that I knew she'd win some hearts, and I'd be there to talk with any potential adopters and answer the inevitable questions.  Maybe - just maybe...

And yes!  I happened to be in the area when I noticed Annie showing off her best biscuit-making skills to an obviously smitten admirer.  I swooped in to get a feel for her and instantly got that good vibe that I'm always looking for in adopters.  I just knew it! 

Emily and her husband had yet to adopt their first pet together; she had never been to the Humane Society but had decided on a whim to come by on her lunch hour; and there was Annie Pants in all her glory.  I gave her the rundown of what she might expect - possible extractions if/when her molars erupt, chronic drooling (albeit slight) on one side of her mouth - but I think Emily had already made up her mind.  She needed to contact her husband, but was sure she'd be back after work to adopt. 

I instantly felt so good about her, I agreed to take Annie off view until she could come back with her husband.  She did, they agreed, they spoke with the vet, they adopted, I cried.  And I cried.  (And I'm crying again now.) 

Yes, it was an emotional, blissfully happy goodbye.  I never doubted for a second that Annie would find the right home, but I was prepared for it to take a little while.  Silly me.  So off she went! 

I have a particular sense of pride in Annie.  She's a dear, petite, tortie blessing who never knew to be anything but happy.  In spite of everything, she never stopped purring.

  You're always in my heart, Annie Pants.  Don't forget to write!  xoxoxo

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He's a Man Among Kittens

I first met Roger and Laura in the Summer of 2008 when they adopted a kitten from me. Over the next couple of years, three more would follow. They have since become dear friends to me and all my little ones. I think it's pretty clear why.

Their kindness and generosity not only to me, but to all the cats and kittens at the Humane Society over the years have won our hearts many times over.

The friendship of people like Roger and Laura is one of the joyfully unexpected benefits of fostering that has made this experience more rewarding than I'd ever imagined.

Thank you R&L for your lovely, funny souls and your deeply held love of all cats.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Tail of Too Silly

WANTED!! Eensy Weensy Siblings for a Teeny Tiny Girl!

All alone at the shelter. Oh noes!! Delivered snuggled into a Priority Mail box by a kind young man who found her under the shed all by herself! This will never do. Not ever. Something has to be done!

And so it was that Fate intervened (okay, it was me) and Little One is now comfortably settled in with two adorable and impish brothers who are the same age(ish) as she, same size (almost), and in need of some influence from the distaff side.

And so it was that she became known as Kewpie.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Goodbye Goodalls! Fare Thee Well!

Well, folks. It's happened again. The second pair of Goodalls has found the most best home we could have hoped for. Yep. The most best. And the kicker is that they'll be step-siblings (kinda) to Wylie and Sylvie from over at the IBKC!

The two families are best of friends, they live just down the way from each other, and Wylie's new boy person had actually given his new kitten the middle name "Buddy" in honor of our little guy. 

How cool is that??  It's awesome.

Lots going on around here lately and not easy for me to keep you current. Little by little I'll catch you up!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Super Poof

The kittens were on a rare expedition into the living room before they left. They like the super poofy rug in there. And they look extra special cute on it.

Her name is Cora now. I like it very much. Don't you?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

O Mother (or Father or Both) Where Art Thou?

Posie, Buddy and I are wondering when the mystery will be solved. Who is their mama? Their daddy? One thing we know for certain is that it's the same for both. We may not know where they're going yet, but we're darn sure they'll stay together.

P & B will be posted on the Humane Society site on Tuesday. I doubt we'll be wondering much longer.

Hang in there, kitties!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Story of Two Very Tiny Boys

I know I sprung these guys on you with no warning. Believe me, I was surprised too. I had the Goodalls and I had Annie. Two more kittens was probably not what you expected. Nor did I.

Morgan and Bradley were brought to the shelter as strays, a mere 7 ounces each. It's difficult to imagine just how small that is. It's very small. They were just 2-3 weeks old and so fragile.

But these boys have spunk! They had fat little bellies to begin with - a very encouraging sign. They just had to be given the chance the deserved. They had such determination!

It seemed clear right from the very start that they would do well and I'm so proud of them and their strong will to survive.

Within just a few days they had each gained three ounces. Think about it. That's nearly 50% of their original body weight. Excellent progress, lads!

They continue to thrive and have had no problems or complications at all.

I'll update you on the McFeeley boys more often after the Goodalls have graduated. Right now my focus is on them and finding their best possible homes.

Two down and two to go!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Secret's Out!

It's getting to be time for a certain little lad named Claude to get all spruced up for his new home. He and Lois are moving in with their new family next week!

I'll fill you in a bit more later, but in the mean time Rosie insists that he look his best. So she's getting an early start. Whether he likes it or not.

Good golly. What is it about little boys and baths?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tiny's Man Cave

Sometimes a guy just needs a little time to himself. To meditate on the wonders of the universe; consider the course of one's life; heck, maybe to catch a game on the tube.

Mostly to get some time away from all those silly girls!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Very Big Day for a Very Little Girl

Vaccines always take the oomph right out of the babies. Lois is no exception. But that wasn't the only thing that had her all tuckered out.

She'd also met someone pretty special. Someone who'd like very much to be her mom.

That's her right there. Taking some time to let the babies get to know her. We all like her very much. In fact, she not only wants to be Lois' mom, she also has her heart set on one of her siblings.

We'll let you know which one very soon.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Turn the Volume Way Up or You'll Miss It

You don't want to miss it. I recorded Annie on my phone and the audio is pretty weak.

She's doing so well, this girl. She saw the doc again last Saturday, and this time I was able to take a peek inside her mouth. I hadn't done it on my own. I figured I'd leave that to the professionals and spend my time just loving on her.

Who knows what actually caused her injury, but it's pretty amazing what she's been through. While her tongue is completely healed, there's an obvious portion missing on the left side where it was burned.

Her gums in that area have not yet healed as well as we'd hoped, so we're keeping her on an antiobiotic for a while longer and the decision will be made later on as to whether she'll need any extractions.

Some particuarly great news however is that on Sunday, the day following her visit with the doc, lo and behold she started munching on kitty kibble! She hadn't eaten dry food at all during the time she's been with me, so this was definitely a milestone!

If she's feeling good enough to withstand the crunch of the crunchies, I think things are looking way up for our girl!

Did I mention that she's happy?