Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Boy Saves Little Sister From Rosemary

Dang, that was close. Good boy, brother.

Names to come next week, both given and sur-.  And I'll throw in a little surprise as well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

Tiny Man's recent surgery to repair the cruciate ligament in his knee is not uncommon in dogs, but fairly unusual in cats.  What is even more unusual is that he's not my first kitty to have this surgery. 

It was about 10 years ago when my big, beautiful, black cat Jorge had the same procedure, ironically also on the left knee.  He too was confined for six weeks, but he had to lug around a big old cast as well.  Thankfully, Tiny avoided that unfortunate aspect.  Maybe technology has evolved over the years to his advantage.

While Jorge's leg healed just fine and resulted in only the least bit of a limp, when he would sit, the leg would jut out at an angle rather than align with his body.  Actually, it just served to make him even cuter.

I asked the doctor performing Tiny's surgery if this would be the case for him as well.  She said that it would and explained that while the original knee ligament is internal, the surgical replacement runs along the outside of the joint causing it to pull to the side when the animal is seated.  Completely normal and to be expected.  I appreciated the explanation.

Well, lo and behold I was thinning out a box of old photos the other day and came across this.

My beloved post-surgery Jorge and Tiny Man when he was still tiny! How precious is that? I just had to share.

Jorge has a pretty special story himself. One day I'll have to dig through more photos, scan a few to post and tell you all about the boy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Field Trip!

My friend Kim works at Wag Pet Market, a great little boutique just two blocks from my house.  Sometimes on the days she's working, the foster babies and I will take a little detour on our way to or from the shelter for check ups.

In this instance, I had just picked them up and they wanted to do a little shopping.

I fear there may have been some unauthorized charges that day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Boy, One Girl

Two completely perfect kittens.
No names yet - they've only just arrived.  It's not easy, this naming business.  We'll spend a little 'getting acquainted' time.

Aren't they swell??

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drum Roll Please!!

And the uncontested winner of the Grand Supreme Prize for 2012 Tailio of the Year goes to...

Mr. Bradley McFeeley!
(and the crowd goes wild!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Bond Like No Other

The relationship between sisters can be one of the closest in life.

Rosie and Minnie are so lucky to have each other.

And I am luckier yet - I have two. Happy birthday, eldest! (I can't believe it, either.)

Don't Blink - It's an Iris Sighting!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kitten Reminiscin'

Remember Claude and Lois?  Need a refresher?  Here was Claude, fascinated by the bugs living inside Laura's phone.

..and Lois.  Sleepy, poofy, tail-less Lois.

Lois, as you may recall is now Cora; Claude is Inigo.  His name has very meaningful meaning which mama Kathleen once explained to me and I wouldn't presume to translate here.  She said it so well, maybe she'll tell you about it in the comments.  :)

Kathleen was so kind through the entire adoption process, but it didn't stop there.  She extended a generous invitation for lunch at her home which I gratefully and happily accepted.  I admired her beautiful, contented, growing-up babies; the fresh and flavorful lunch she'd prepared; a quiet connection through conversation while sharing the waterfront view from her living room.  Ahhh...  What a splendid afternoon it was. 

Thank you, Kathleen.  Your gentle spirit is a light in the world.

Now let's see those babies!!

Cartoons with Phoebe are not to be taken lightly.

This one is my favorite.  It's love and it's art.

They're Special Little Boys, They Are

It's been a little while now since Bradley and Morgan left the nest. I've been holding off a little on their adoption story since I don't have new babies yet and wanted to spread out the love a little. Now it's time.

A while back I made a facebook connection with Penny, a childhood friend who lives on the right side of the state. Since I'm on the left, we haven't had an opportunity to see one another, but she's someone I think I'd instantly feel at home with even after all these years. Facebook is good that way.

A long-time friend of hers had recently mentioned that he and his wife were looking to add some kittens to their lives. They had lost their 19 year old cat some time ago and were ready for littles. He lives close by me, so she referred him. Wow. What a stroke of luck for me, for this great couple and especially for Bradley and Morgan.

Once the initial contact was made I knew without hesitation that this was a good family. I realize it's been said and said again, but sometimes it's so clear right off the bat. I continue to meet such genuinely good people through fostering. They remind me over and over again of what kindness there is all around if we're open to it.

We hit a few snags before all was said and done. I had set up a time to meet with Richard and his wife at the shelter to give them an opportunity to meet the boys. This was before the kittens were ready for adoption, just a meet and greet. Well, then I fractured my dang foot and was unable to go, so my uber-friend Laurie offered to come by, pick up the boys and meet with the potential adopters at the shelter. Bless her sparkly heart.

As (bad) luck would have it, that same morning was when I noticed that Tiny had been hurt. It was a Saturday and my vet was not available, so I was panicking about getting him to an Emergency Clinic. I decided that I'd drive him myself - in spite of my foot - once Laurie had picked up the boys.

Well, when she learned about my predicament, Laurie got on the horn to our friend Sarah who agreed to meet her and the kittens at the shelter and do the meet and greet with Richard and his wife.

So Laurie came by and picked up not only the babies, but Tiny Man as well, left the kittens at the shelter with Sarah and headed to the Emergency Clinic with Tiny. My dear, dear friends. I am so grateful.

Sarah reported that the meeting went well, I contacted Richard and yes, they wanted to adopt! I estimated the time it would take for the boys to reach two pounds, padded it a little just to be safe and scheduled them for surgery. 

Well, Morgan refused to gain weight, surgery postponed.  Richard was patient. Time dragged by, the boys were finally neutered, and Bradley developed an inflamation and fever postponing the adoption yet again. Richard was SO patient. When that was resolved, we finally had a date for the adoption and I was finally going to meet these great people, Morgan developed a fever as well! Egad.

We all put our heads together, along with Dr. Smith, and decided that the boys would be sent home with an antibiotic for Morgan.  Little ones can be pretty unpredictable, and these things are not uncommon with kittens. The fever would very likely resolve in a few days just as Bradley's had. They needed to go to their new home. It was time.

Richard and his wife are empty-nesters who have two young grandsons that spend a great deal of time with them. While the kittens "belong" to Grandma and Grandpa, each boy was able to choose their kitten for the times when they're visiting. They were all so excited to finally get the kittens home.  It was abundantly clear to me that there is a lot of love in this family.

Richard is looking forward to retirement in a few months from a very long career in police work. Kicking back with grandkids and kittens sounds like the ideal way to unwind from decades of stress most of us can't imagine. He commented to me in a message once they'd had the kittens home for a few days that "We've needed these guys in our lives for a long time." Yep, I got weepy.

I didn't think to take a picture at the shelter while the adoption was being completed, so you'll have to use your imagination. Bradley and Morgan in their shiny new crate, a fancy one with a removable lid, side by side, cheek pressed to cheek, arms around each other. What follows are a few I did manage to get before they left.

Thank you Richard and family for your years of service and sacrifice.  Wishing you many, many more of peaceful, gentle relaxation.

Best snugglers ever.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Comfort of Furry Friends

Some of you are aware that I fractured my foot about a month ago. Far from serious, but inconvenient as heck.


One of the many dear things about the pets we love so much is their sixth sense when we're not feeling well. They spend a little extra time curled up with you on the couch, stay a little closer than usual, provide a little comfort when it's needed. They know.

Tiny - my dear Tiny - took the empathy thing just a little too far. It was Monday when I injured myself and by Saturday it was clear that he'd followed in my footsteps. A torn cruciate ligament in his knee requiring surgery right away. Poor little man.

And so we convalesce. Me in my boot, while his movements are very limited for 6 weeks. No climing or jumping, and confined to a crate when I can't watch him.

We're both doing much better. He's such a patient patient.

Kitties comfort each other as well. They're amazing little beings.

Monday, June 4, 2012

So Grown Up and So Darn Sweet

These precious ones had a couple of setbacks before eventually going to their new home. The longer they stayed, the sweeter and more lovey they became.

Two peas in a perfect little pod, they are.  *Sigh...*

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oh, I Hope You're Still Out There...

I've been away much longer than I'd anticipated.  I'll be easing my way back in over the next week or so and really, really hope you're still there.

All of the McFeeleys - Bradley, Morgan and Kewpie - found such good homes they gave me goosebumps.  I'm seriously not kidding.

Kewpie's new name is 'Hope'.  Beyond sweet.