Sunday, January 6, 2013

And His Name Became Theo...

And it was good.

Dear, adorable, leonine Eugene was adopted on Friday.  His new mama is a young lady who has been asking her parents for a kitten for a very long time.  And now it's time.

I've already heard that Theo is everything she dreamed of and the family thinks he's the cutest kitten in the world!  Well, of course he is.  We knew that.

Theo also has a new sister!  Her name is Mattie and she's a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Just one of the sweetest breeds of gorgeous dog you'd ever want to meet!

Isn't she marvelous?! 

I must tell you however, that our little Eugene/Theo gave her a whack when she was very innocently lying on the floor trying to sniff the kitten.  Oh dear.  But mom tells me that they're doing fine now and she promises to send photos of the two of them together. 

I think our little man has a very happy future in his future.  This adoption makes me smile.  A lot.


  1. Wonderful news! And what makes Sue smile, makes me smile.

  2. what a precious adorable baby! XXXOOO

  3. Awww. I will miss the floofy little man. But yay for adoptions!

    1. And I still sya his name should be Dust Puppy.

  4. Yay for Eugene! And he has a great hiding spot next to his sister Mattie.

  5. That is so nice !!!
    Cute cat, sweet dog .. everything will go well.

  6. Wonderful news - and I think Bernese Mountain Dogs and kittens are the perfect match <3

  7. What a lovely new family Theo\Eugene has joined!

    I look forward to a fur-sib photo once their relationship has settled. Berners are so awesome and probably a little scary for a wee one.

  8. Hurray for the new home! And the new fursib! I'm sure they'll work things out quickly, sounds like a very patient doggie!

  9. Aw, Theo! You be nice to your new big sister, you're a very lucky boy (and she's a lucky girl!) to have her.

    So happy with this story!

  10. I had to laugh at the mental picture of Theo whacking Mattie on the nose. I have no doubt they'll be good friends in no time and Theo will be an excellent manager of both humans and canine alike. ;D

  11. Good luck, Theo, although I doubt you're going to need any more. It looks like you're going to do just fine!