Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Same Script, Different Actor

We had a gorgeous little girl come visit for the weekend. My friend Frances and her husband were going to be away, so their dear little Everette joined the Pitter Pats party!

She took to the other kitties instantly - well, all but Tiny Man - and they to her. Eugene felt she should be instructed in the traditional "Door Mouse on a String" thing, so he showed her the ropes. So to speak.

Everette is a quick study and was in the swing of it right away. As it were.

I think she also fell in love a little bit.

We all did. She's kind of perfect.


  1. Love the video of Eugene giving Everette a clinic in the art of "Door Mouse On A String", and then Everette showing her own chops! And the snuggle picture is a delight, of course.

  2. Hello Everette! I hope you found your stay in Kitty Heaven to be satisfactory. Don't mind Tiny Man; he takes awhile to warm up. Please feel free to come again!

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  3. E&E adorableness was had by all. What a dear house guest!

  4. Oh my goodness what a pretty baby. I have a thing for calicoes and she's just lovely.

  5. What a beautiful little house guest!

  6. Maybe Eugene is meant to go home with her. Maybe?

  7. So nice to have a house guest on this site! Did Iris and Frannie warm up to Everette's cuteness? Tiny Man is allowed to be grumpy given he can't go outside yet. :(

  8. Well, who wouldn't fall in love with such a handsome young gentleman?

    He truly is a gentleman, showing her how to play and then giving her a chance, without hogging the mouse.

  9. Hi Sue

    I had to come back to acknowledge your string of puns, as they were... I know you like to toy with us that way and wanted to let you know we like it!