Sunday, February 24, 2013

Alice Found Her Pot of Gold

Alice's story has been quite a while in the making. It wasn't easy holding back on you for as long as I did, but I had to. And here's why.

Katie and Dave had been looking for a kitten to adopt for their daughter, Lihla. As we know it's the slow season for baby cats but they'd had a few leads, only to be disappointed when they fell through. It was a little discouraging, but they soldiered on. Enter Alice...

Katie found my blog and sent a very sweet message asking whether they might meet Miss Pugsley. They live about 45 minutes from Tacoma, so we agreed to meet on a Saturday. They arrived at the shelter with their two little girls - Lihla and her sister, Bella.

I took an instant liking to them all. Mom and Dad spoke softly to the girls about handling the kitten, and they were both very gentle and careful to pet Alice and hold her "just so".  It was a pleasure to just sit back and watch.

And so Lihla met Alice.

...and fell in love.

It couldn't have happened on a better day.  This was Lihla's 5th birthday!

The decision was made that Alice was definitely her kitten, but unfortunately she still had several ounces to gain before she would be ready to go home.  I knew Lihla was a little disappointed, but we gave her lots of time to cuddle her kitten.  

I asked whether she would be keeping the name Alice or if she thought she might name her something else.  Either one would be just fine.  She didn't miss a beat and softly told me that her new kitten's name would be Rainbow Alice.  Oh, sigh...  Rainbow Alice.  Best name ever.

It was decided that since they would likely have to wait another two weeks, they would come back the next weekend to visit her again.

And so they did.

Rainbow Alice was a very slow-growing girl, and it was becoming clear that they wait might be longer than we'd hoped.  Lihla was just so sweet.  Never a complaint; never a tear. 

We set up an area upstairs at the shelter where they could spend as much time as they liked with their kitten without using one of the visitation rooms.  They'd driven so far, and the wait was getting longer.  I wanted to accomodate them the best I could.

Rainbow Alice grew so s-l-o-w-l-y.  By this time her brother had been adopted two weeks before and she still had a few ounces to go.

So we arranged for visit number three.

Isn't Lihla precious?  So patient, so loving. 

The silver lining to these extended visits was that Rainbow Alice came to know her new mama and was quite comfortable with her.  By now Lihla was able to sit on the floor with her outstretched hands and say, "Come here, Rainbow Alice!", and she did!  I don't mind telling you, that brought a happy tear to my eye.

Finally, Rainbow Alice was scheduled for her spay surgery and the family made plans to once again make the 45-minute drive to Tacoma to pick her up the following weekend.  We were all so excited to finally see the pot of gold!  This time when they left, Lihla had the faintest hint of a tear in her eye, but the smile on her face never waned.  The next time she saw Rainbow Alice she'd be taking her home!

And so the day finally came.

At long, long last.

So is the story of Rainbow Alice and her Lihla.  I so wanted to tell you long before it was over, but as you can see I had to keep a secret.  It's better to have told it all at once.

Mom contacted me right away:

We are home safe and sound with Miss Rainbow Alice.  We put her carrier in Lihla's "fort", the space between the sofa and recliner with pillows and blankets where Lihla likes to go when she wants to be quiet. 

Rainbow Alice explored for a few minutes and then went back in for a nap.  Lihla and Rainbow Alice are watching Disney's Tangled (the fort is the best seat in the house for movies), and Lihla is eating some macaroni and peas :).

Thank you again for choosing us to care for this special little lady.  It is such a privilege to have her as part of our family and "kitty soul mate". I will keep in touch and make sure to send plenty of pictures as Rainbow Alice grows!!

And again a little later:

Rainbow Alice is doing fantastic!!  She sleeps with us every night and is finding quite a pal in Dave. She will make the rounds purring and rubbing everyone once lights are out as if tucking everyone in before finding her spot at the foot of our bed. 
Rainbow Alice is eating well, playful, and getting use to Bella's spontaneous excited outbursts.  She is definitely the light of our lives!

That's it for now.  It's a good one, huh?  This adoption tale made me very, very happy.  I know I'll be hearing more from Rainbow Alice's family, and when I do you will too!



    What a loving family to dedicate 3 visits for their little Rainbow Alice!

  2. Warm and Lovely adoption !
    Hooray for Alice or Rainbow Alice to have wonderful home !
    Now she can make Alice in Wonder Kitty Land..tee..heh
    I'm glad she is doing well, and mini human is so gentle to her
    ((( happy hug ))))

  3. Rainbow Alice certainly looks at home in Lihlas arms. What a wonderful story :)

  4. what a heart warming tale to start the week with...looks like a perfect match...kudo to Lihla's parents for being so wonderful!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwww! That's one of the sweetest stories I've ever heard!

  6. What a dear, dear story!

  7. I have almost no tendency to murmur "oh how precious!" and sigh over stories, but for this one, I made an exception. You were so right to save it all up, tough as it must have been. You must have been bursting to tell it!

  8. Sigh--congratulations Rainbow Alice! It sounds like you landed right in the soft spot.

  9. Rainbow Alice found the pot of gold! Congrats to Lihla for waiting so long - she has a friend for life! And thanks for making a Monday bright!

  10. I am jealous of Lihla - Rainbow Alice is off the charts adorable.

  11. what a wonderful match! so very sweet.

  12. Aw, that is a most wonderful story!! I'm so happy for them!

  13. I hope Lihla and Rainbow Alice have many wonderful years together :)

  14. YAY! *claps with joy* What a sweet, wonderful story with a fabulously happy ending for Rainbow Alice (what a great name, btw). Alice is so blessed to have three such awesome humans as her furever slaves. Lihla is absolutely precious with Alice.

  15. What a sweet story! Rainbow Alice is a very lucky kitten!

  16. This is impossibly sweet! I just read something about patience not being how long you can wait, rather how you behave while you're waiting. Lihla is the epitome of loving patience, and Rainbow Alice couldn't be more fortunate to have found a home with her marvelous new people.

  17. Oh, what a love story! I'm so glad they are a happy family now! Rainbow Alice is just the best name. 4/5 year old's think of the cutest names.