Tuesday, February 5, 2013

They're Brothers From Different Mothers!

I know, I know.  I'm way overdue with Arlo's adoption story.  But actually, I'm glad I waited because I just got the best photo to wrap it up!  You'll agree.  Trust me.

You remember sweet Eugene.  He was adopted a little while ago by the family of a nice young woman who'd been waiting much too long for a kitten of her own.  You can brush up on the story here.

When her mom first contacted me about a kitten, she'd been referred by my friend Kim and wasn't sure who might be available.  I told her that little Eugene would be available very soon, but she wasn't at all sure that her daughter would be interested in a black kitten.  But there was no harm in meeting him at if nothing else, eliminating him as a possibility.  True that. 

They soon met and seemed to love each other right away, but mom encouraged her daughter to come back to the HS when she had more time to look at other kittens - just to be sure.

Mom later wrote:

She visited the Humane Society but I think her heart is with Eugene/Theo. I think they picked each other. She's counting the days until he comes home.


But...  mom had also seen photos of those Pugsley babies and couldn't help but comment that their markings were so much like their Bernese Mountain Dog, Mattie.  They were only interested in adopting one kitten, but could I bring them along to the meet and greet so she could see them?  Puh-leez?  "Okay", says I.  "I don't normally introduce the kittens to adopters at such a young age, but since you're so nice I'll provide a little show and tell."

I think you know where this is going.  After our visit, it seems they suddenly wanted to adopt two.

"I must say I truly adore them both. Since I am technically calling this my husband's cat (and by default, our son) would it be possible to see them both again when we pick up Eugene/Theo? We cannot take 3 cats but do think that two of them will be happier together."


Alice was still so tiny, so Arlo was the chosen one.  His new boy was so kind and gentle with him and wasted no time dubbing him Lionel.  This is an animal loving family.
So Eugene/Theo and Arlo/Lionel are happy little brothers with an extra large big sister pup.  I've waited until all was said and done before making the announcement, so I hope you forgive the delay. 

I think these might help.

"I should have had my camera when she was snuggling. She was tucked in bed with Theo tucked in around her neck, she smiling with her eyes closed and Theo purring contentedly.

I think we should have named him Motown (cause his motor is always running and well, the color of his fur). I grew up in Michigan and love Motown....but Theo is a purrfect name and her girlfriends love him too!" 

"Lionel is doing very well. He initially did NOT like Mattie - Lionel swatted her when she sniffed him or when she simply looked at him. Apparently today my daughter got both kitties to sit on top of Mattie." 

"Lionel and Theo are now playing and sleeping together. Theo looks a bit like punk cat and tends to get the upper paw on sweet Lionel.

Lionel is funny - he growls like a dog and still lets us hold him like a baby. He also likes to lick which is funny and annoying (at 5:30 am). We adore them both."

And they will all live happily ever after.  There's not a doubt in my mind.


  1. Yay! Lovely story and photos of a happy blended family. Peace to all ~

  2. Aw, that's a happy double adoption story! Love it!

  3. Now this is a "Happily Ever After" Story! Two boys got a great home and a walking fur bed to sleep on!

  4. Yay! Great adoption story. Poor Mattie is looking at Lionel and thinking "First you swat me and now you're snuggled up into my tail?"

  5. What a wonderful story and these pictures are adorable!! Lucky family, lucky kittens!

  6. Wow! Happy endings for two of your kittens, Sue! Eugene is so smoky and beautiful and Arlo is cuteness personified. I really like how they will have a heated dog bed on which to sleep, also! Hooray!

  7. Oh, that's an awesome story! Look at their big sister too, how lucky are they...

  8. So freaking cute! Everyone is happy and spoiled and purring.

  9. What a wonderful story! And Mattie looks like such a sweet big sister - that last picture is just adorable!

  10. What a wonderful story! I am sure they are thrilled to be together! Theo looks so much like my own kitty! Adorable photos!

  11. I forgot to mention yesterday that Eugene/Theo looks fabulous (and fabulously adorable). So floofy and bright-eyed and comfy and curious and everything a well-loved kitty should be.

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  13. What an animal loving family! My kind of people!

    Patti in KY