Monday, April 1, 2013

Help is Needed - Please Share

There are so many worthwhile causes related to animals in need.  Now and then I'm contacted to help spread the word about one or another, but mostly I feel that by sharing one I'm discrediting the rest.  This is not nornally the venue for that.

But this is one that I hope will touch at least one person to help -  in any way possible.  I have vetted the information and have found it credible.  If you have the means to share this, I hope you do.  Time is critical.

From Goat House Rescue in Pittsboro, NC -

We have just been contacted about an emergency situation involving 200 cats in Turkey, NC (near Clinton, NC). The owner has cancer and cannot care for them any longer. She says they are all up to date on all vaccinations and fixed. She has made an appointment for a vet to come to her place and euthanize all 200 cats on 04/04. If you can’t help, do you know of any organizations that may be able to help with such a large scale emergency? The owner’s information is below, help!!!!!

Lisa Hetzel

910-590-2058 or 910-214-1451 (friend)

Thank you, dear followers.  I appreciate your indulgence and kind hearts.



  1. Thank you for sharing this, Sue. I've shared your post on FB and via my dreamwidth and lj journals.

    Blessings headed out to the owner and her beloved cats -- and to you.

  2. Suggest you contact Best Friends. They do large scale rescues, they are pros at this.

  3. This rescue and its founder has had a lot of good press in NC and SC, so I hope it really doesn't come to this!

  4. Thank you Sue. Sharing.