Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tick-Tock, Tiny Man!

He's a funny boy. Reminds me of this:

Only you know, cuter.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Can't Deny I'm in Denial

Since day one there's been something so endearingly charming about the Pugsleys, and it's never waned.

Now that one has moved on and another is peeking out the door, I need to face the inevitable - a Pugsley-free future.  Sigh...

I was just looking back to see what I'd posted and what I hadn't and found this video from pretty early on.  I hadn't shared it because I was horrified at the condition of my kitchen floor, but I'm over it.  Heck, you don't care about my kitchen floor.  Not with this going on.

I owe you an Arlo adoption story.  Stick around, I think you'll like it.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Weekend Visitor!

Remember Everette?  Remember Sonny?  Well, I've got another little one spending the weekend and egad is she cute!

I chose to not give her a name. She's only here until her appointment with the spay doctor Tuesday morning, and will be available for adoption at the Humane Society on Wednesday.  Don't expect to find her there on Thursday.

She has leetle rounded ears.

While I have your attention, I must fill you in on Sonny's adoption tale. 

He had his neuter surgery on a Wednesday, and was made available for adoption the following day.  The shelter opens at 11:00 on Thursdays and he was literally out the door by noon.

It was by sheer luck that I was able to meet his mom.  I was working that day and a cattery staff member mentioned to me that Sonny had an interested party.  I dashed out to the lobby hoping to meet her and was so glad I did!

Micki was all smiles in love with the boy and surely didn't need my effusive input about what a dear he is.  I slipped her one of my cards and asked that she please let me know how he did in his new home.

She was so kind.  Here is what she sent:

I have to tell you what you already know, he is such an absolute love bug and his new papa and I are totally in love with him and it started the first few minutes I first saw him!! 

He sleeps with us and his papa and him have woke me up both nights now playing on the bed, in the middle of the night with him purring like crazy!  We are keeping his name as is, it fits him!  

It's kind of funny or cool but we've been looking for a kitten since before Christmas, looking at the shelter a couple of times and answering Craig's list ads and not having any luck. We got 4 or 5 answers back but then wouldn't get a return answer when I'd say we definitely would like to look at the litter. In fact on the night before we got Sonny I thought we had one for sure, it got down to me asking for an address and then I got no answers back.

We waited for a couple of hours that evening for the return email and nothing!!  In fact the kitten we thought we were going to get was almost an exact twin of Sonny, Tony said not to worry, that there was the right kitty waiting out there for us and lo and behold there he was/is. He's perfect for us and we feel very lucky to have him! 

I wish I could adequately express the joy that all the adoption stories bring me.  Forgive the redundancy, but helping to raise the kittens and having them around the house is not the sole purpose of my fostering.  Knowing that I've had some part in them finding the kind of home that Micki and Tony provide is the icing on the cake.

And I do love cake.  With icing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alice and the Ottoman

I had thrown a piece of fabric over the thrift store ottoman in preparation for fitting a new cover.  Alice mistook this as a new toy.  A grand new toy.

And thus concludes my needless narrative.

No clear winner here. I think they've called a truce.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Arlo Has Charmed the Shy One

Iris' bed is his go-to place when he's sleepy.  A couple of us old gals are going to miss him come Friday.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Proper Introduction ~or~ How Carmela Came to Me

First of all, you have to swear to keep a secret.  Do you swear?  Do you??  All right then.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances (which I cannot imagine), the Pugsley twins have found their new homes! 

Yes, I said homes - plural.  Don't be disappointed that they won't be staying together.  I think you'll approve of their happily-ever-afters.  Neither has left the nest yet, but the clock is ticking...  Then what?!

So last week I mentioned to Dr. Robbins that I was getting dangerously low on kittens and would be needing a refill sooner than later.  But of course, it's the slow season...

I went to lunch and said to Traci who was working Receiving that day, "Traci, I need some kittens!"  She smiled, nodded knowingly, (she knows me all too well) and said, "You know how it is this time of year."  "Yeah", I said.  "I just wanted to plant the seed."

I came back from lunch and said to Traci, "Where are my kittens?"  Well, you've no doubt guessed the rest.  There was a little black kitten right there on the counter that someone had dropped off during my lunch hour.  (Insert smiley face here.)  Dr. Robbins would need to have a look, but maybe she'd be mine!

Sure enough, after her baby kitten exam the doc said, "Sue, here's your new kitten!  Ask and you shall receive!"

And so I happily received Carmela.  What a living doll.  She's quarantined from the Pugsleys for now, but I do spend lots of one-on-one with her. 

She's made herself right at home.

Rosie cracks me up. She's all like, "Yeah, whatevs. I'm sleepy."

(Oh, and there's one more secret. Carmela may have a home already as well.)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hey! Wasn't That Carmela?

That will be all. Have a great weekend!

{Now that's what I call pitter pats.}

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yes, Alice DOES Live Here Anymore!

I really need to apologize for not having shared more of this little girl.  She's a peach of a peach and sweet as pie. 

Not to be left out of the ever popular... well, you know this game.  Alice provides ample proof that girls are at least as capable in athletic endeavors as boys.

Game on, girlfriend!!

This was taken a little while ago and she's just as magnificently puffed up today.  Her little Christmas tree tail slays me.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bonus Boy!

Yep!  We got us a bonus for good behavior.  His name is Sonny, and boy is he cute!

Sonny is roughly 4-5 months old and was turned in to the shelter after having bitten someone.  I'm not clear whether it was his owner or he was found as a stray.  Regardless, biting kitties are a no-no, so he was quarantined for 10 days to monitor his behavior.

Well, I can tell you without reservation that no one - I mean no one - saw any sign of a bad kitten during his time out.  About the only thing anyone witnessed was a super duper little dude that would practically leap into your arms when you opened his cage.  Well, he actually did do that a few times. 

He'd purr like crazy, rub against your neck and face and flip around with such enthusiasm he'd nearly flip right out of your arms.  This was in no way a bad kitty.

After the 10 days were up, he was vaccinated and put on the list to be neutered.  As luck would have it, our primary provider of spay/neuters was relocating and had been closed for a week.  Surgeries were backed up and Sonny was going to have to spend yet another week in a cage.  Unacceptable.

So last Thursday I brought him home to stretch his legs until his surgery appointment on Wednesday.  Boy, did I get a surprise!  Not only is he just as sweet as I already knew, this guy is full of crazy energy and has been giving the other residents, both young and old, a run for their money. 

But nary a nibble.

So who wants a perfect tabby kitty?  (I know, that's redundant.)  He'll be ready for adoption at the Humane Society on Thursday!  Come and get him while supplies last!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

And His Name Became Theo...

And it was good.

Dear, adorable, leonine Eugene was adopted on Friday.  His new mama is a young lady who has been asking her parents for a kitten for a very long time.  And now it's time.

I've already heard that Theo is everything she dreamed of and the family thinks he's the cutest kitten in the world!  Well, of course he is.  We knew that.

Theo also has a new sister!  Her name is Mattie and she's a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Just one of the sweetest breeds of gorgeous dog you'd ever want to meet!

Isn't she marvelous?! 

I must tell you however, that our little Eugene/Theo gave her a whack when she was very innocently lying on the floor trying to sniff the kitten.  Oh dear.  But mom tells me that they're doing fine now and she promises to send photos of the two of them together. 

I think our little man has a very happy future in his future.  This adoption makes me smile.  A lot.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Same Script, Different Actor

We had a gorgeous little girl come visit for the weekend. My friend Frances and her husband were going to be away, so their dear little Everette joined the Pitter Pats party!

She took to the other kitties instantly - well, all but Tiny Man - and they to her. Eugene felt she should be instructed in the traditional "Door Mouse on a String" thing, so he showed her the ropes. So to speak.

Everette is a quick study and was in the swing of it right away. As it were.

I think she also fell in love a little bit.

We all did. She's kind of perfect.