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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Going.. Going..

Oh, drat!  Ruthie is in her new home and I didn't get near enough photos before she left. 

I tried to get some video, but my attempts were foiled.  Either the activity I was trying to capture came to a halt, or she was completely upstaged by an interloper.

The good news is that I know without a doubt that she has a great home. I was contacted by Melissa, a very dedicated vet tech that worked at The Humane Society for a long time. I was always impressed with her focus on what was best for the animals. Every animal. Great lady, Melissa.

She contacted me on behalf of her cousin who was hoping to adopt a kitten as a Christmas surprise for his 14-year-old sister. Excellent! I had my fingers crossed that I might have a photo or two by now. Not mandatory, of course. But it would be nice. (Melissa...?)

The other half of the news is that barring any unforeseen circumstances - like the end of the world for instance, which frankly seems pretty unlikely - Eugene will be in his new home as well by the end of next week!

My little black loveys. All growed up. I'll update you on his family after the fact. In the meantime, the Pugsleys will keep us all entertained.

Here they are on the day I met them. How could I not bring them home?


Monday, December 17, 2012

Uh Oh...

Ruthie's kind of upset with me for not having posted more photos of her and her brother.

I'm so sorry, honey. I'll try to do better. I promise I will.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Silly Kittyness

Yep, Eugene and Ruthie are going strong! Ruthie has already been spayed, but her fluffbucket brother has a few ounces yet to gain. I expect they'll be someone's extra special Christmas blessing.

These are two of the dearest little kitten people in the whole darn world. If they're not in hot pursuit (as they very often are), Eugene wants to sleep on my shoulder and Ruthie likes to snuggle close under my chin. They're never far from each other and it's pretty darn adorable.

Apologies for the phone video. It was within reach and an update was way overdue.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Stylin' and Smilin' Eugene is Not an Only Child

His sister's name is Ruthie.  They're peas in a pod, these two.  'Cept Eugene has long hair and Ruthie's is short.

Patsy feels like she didn't get nearly enough air time there, so here's her solo routine.

If it looks like she's a big girl, she is. Patsy had some breathing difficulty after her spay surgery last week. She shows every indication of being just fine (as you can clearly see), but X-rays indicated that there was a reaction of some sort to the anesthesia. We're holding onto her for another week or so, giving her antibiotics, then re-checking.

Davey and Noreen are still here as well, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that will change very soon. I'll definitely keep you posted!

You long-timers may recall a previous kitten by the name of Ruthie.  Ruthie Golightly.  This little one is named for someone special.  The only thing better than a kitten named Ruthie is two .